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Gym Flooring Selection Made Easy

Reeplex Commercial Rubber Gym Tiles 1mx1mx15mm Thickness

Buying Gym Flooring?

You might own a big commercial gym with large amounts of foot traffic daily or you might have a personal home gym that you like to tinker in on the weekend. Either way, what flooring you exercise on is important. Thinking of Buying Gym Flooring? Whether you are trying to protect your current flooring or are aiming for a more solid foundation for your workout, there are a few different types of flooring to choose from and this is a decision you want to get right.

Generally, the focus is always put on what machines or accessories you want to purchase for your gym, but it is important to remember the foundation you put your equipment on is just as crucial to the functionality of your setup.

A popular option is rubber matting, as the durability far out ways many other types of flooring. Rubber tiles, when manufactured properly, can be a super strong high-density solution for your floors and will take an army to wear down or rip apart. In order to get the most of out your rubber flooring, you need to ensure the quality of the rubber throughout the tile. Often poor-quality tiles will have a fine surface layer of rubber but a more course layer underneath. To the untrained eye, these tiles may look the same although bellow the surface the larger chunks of rubber will not withstand the heavy impact if dropping barbells and weights and in time will start to crack. With a much finer grain to the rubber throughout the tile, this will help in shock absorption and soundproofing.

What to look for:

One big factor in helping determine which flooring to purchase is ease of installation. Ideally, if you have a home gym, you want a surface that is quick and easy to lay. Those with a larger setup or commercial use will be looking for a floor-spacing that flows and is easy to clean. Rubber tiling would have to be the simplest and quickest option, simply cut any titles that need to be resized with a Stanley knife and you are good to go.

Some rubber can have a chemical smell and when left in an enclosed room with no airflow can cause the toxins within poorly made matting to emit and toxify the air. Hence when chose your tiles don’t be shy but give them a good smell. Most flooring tiles are constructed from rebounded rubber and depending on the grade and origin of the rubber can leave a nasty smell. Ideally, you want to look for brands that have a chemical-free smell, ensuring a more pleasant user experience.

Blue Fleck flooring is a popular choice of colour.

Another Pro for rubber floor tiles is the maintenance side of things is practically nill. A simple vacuum will suffice to keep your matting clean and dust-free. They are also antimicrobial, this means they will kill any microorganisms from growing, this is especially important in an environment prone to sweat. With sweat pouring onto the floor, the water-resistant rubber tiles will not be soaking any of your sweat up. Rather a quick wipe over with a towel will have the floor clean and dry in no time.

Rubber tiles are a fantastic option if you are looking to place large heavy objects on top, such as a squat rack, smith machine, treadmill and so on. As well as being super durable these tiles won’t move around once they are in place, meaning you will not need to reposition your equipment once you have set it down. With the rubbers gripping texture, your equipment won’t be shifting or sliding around during your workout.

Where to shop:

Keeping this in mind, now you want to choose rubber matting that ticks all the boxes but is not to heavy on the pocket. Here at Dynamo Fitness, we recommend the Reeplex rubber flooring tile for both home and commercial use. Weighing in at only 13.5kg per tile means easy installation and a universal size of 1x1m makes planning simplified. Anti-slip and non-smell matting that has a beveled edge all the way around makes this flooring a simply perfect choice for all. We also offer discounts, the more you purchase the more you save. Come instore to see why our gym floor tiles are the best or purchase online and get them delivered to your door with our fast shipping options.

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