Transform Your Garage / Shed Into A Gym

Transform Your Garage / Shed Into A Gym

Home Gym Equipment


Left to Right: Reeplex CBT-PL Package / Reeplex CBT-PN 120kg Steel Stack Trainer / Reeplex SM3800 Smith Machine.


Ever thought about transforming your garage or shed into a gym?

Its now easier to transform that boring garage or empty shed into a full functional gym with our new Multi-Functional gym packages

These packages are designed to get you everything you need to start training from home and feature

Smith Machine

Smith Machine with linear bearings perfect of benching squatting and many barbell workouts

Functional Trainer

Cable Crossover Systems for a range of cable exercises

Squat Racks

Squat rack for those who love performing free weight exercises

Adjustable Bench

A great adjustable bench, a must have in any home gym


All the cable attachments required to target specific muscle groups such as triceps & biceps



Reeplex CBT-PL Functioanl trainer + Bench + 100kg Package:





Reepelx CBT-PN60 Functional Trainer + Bench + 100kg:






Reeplex SM3800 Smith Machine + 100kg



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