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Rowing machines the buying guide

Rowing machines the buying guide

Rowing machines have been around for a very long time and although popular throughout the time, now they are the second best cardio machines after treadmills. Thanks to functional gyms and cross fit boxes around the world that made these machines more popular than ever.

So, what to look for in a rowing machine?

  1. Rail, look for a good smooth rail that is long enough for those of us who are giants
  2. The seat comfort is essential to any good machine especially a rowing machine.
  3. Good console with proper readings, you want to be able to track what you are doing and how far you have progressed. There is nothing worse than a console with false readings so choose a reputable brand that can offer a standard across their models
  4. Get enough tension to challenge you. There is no point in buying a rower that feels like you are pulling thin air, get one that has enough tension to challenge you, even when you get stronger.
  5. Use It, feel it and see if it suites. No exercise equipment will work for everyone so be sure to try them to see if they suit your body type.
  6. Lastly warranty. Choose a rower with a good parts and labour warranty. This is crucial especially when buying an expensive machine.

Here are a few of our recommendations for home use and or light commercial use.

In the air rowing premium range, we recommend the following

SPORTOP R700 Air and mag rowing machine and the Infiniti R9i. You can’t fault any of these two rowers they are both reliable comfortable and fantastic to use.

In the mid-range, we recommend the following

The Infiniti R70i and the R70 they are both fantastic rowers for the price and come with a great warranty back up.

We hope this article has helped. Be sure to give us a call for further enquiries and or if you have any other questions.