Sportop VE520 Vertical Elliptical Product Review

Sportop VE520 Vertical Elliptical Product Review

Sportop VE520 Vertical Elliptical Product Review


The Sportop VE520 Vertical Elliptical Trainer has landed and is set to shake things up in fitness equipment scene. A first in its kind, the VE520 combines an elliptical with a step trainer to provide a high-intensity workout like no other. I had a test run on this new machine and this is what I found.

The VE520 combines fan force and a magnetic flywheel system to create the ultimate resistance, which makes for easy and smooth transitions between intensity levels. When using the trainer I found that as I increased the resistance, the smooth stride transitions created friction free and steady changes. Unlike no other, this machine proves excellence in giving me challenging intensities.

This machine also offers unique dual handles that meet your exercise needs. As I was using the VE520 I realised that the top handle is designed to train your upper body, creating a standard push pull workout. The lower handle also provides a workout for your core and forearms. Though, by simply dipping my hips I was able to generate great power within my legs, which worked not only my quads and hamstrings, but also my claves. In addition, this machine is also equipped with soft gel feet pads creating a more comfortable and secure base, as the frame did not shift under my bodyweight. As a result, I found that this machine makes for the perfect full body workout.

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What impressed me the most was the design and quality of the VE520. The vertical design is one of the smallest elliptical designs I have come across, with a length of 1.1m and a width of 0.7m. This original design is perfect for those smaller rooms. It also comes with an easy LCD smart display which is essential for those smooth, steady, and instant resistance changes. The powder coating is what really stands out as it has a modern matte finish, in black texture, for scratch resistance and style. Additionally, with a heavy frame of 90kg, the VE520 provides stability that is rarely found in similar elliptical’s, which makes working out on this machine much more comfortable and a lot more safer.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Sportop VE520 Vertical Elliptical Trainer. Its design is stylish, sleek, and modern with its matt finish and LCD smart display. The build of this model makes it one of a kind proving that such a small machine cannot only generate extreme power and resistance but also give you that all-in-one whole body workout that you are after.

The Pros

- A unique whole body workout

- Air and magnetic resistance is super smooth and effective

- Smart LCD display with USB and charging docking station

- The compact small vertical design gives this machine a small footprint

The Cons

- A power source is required to use this machine so being next to a power point is important.

- Cannot be used in low ceiling areas due to the high user position on the machine.


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