Why Every Gym Needs A New Functional Rig

Why Every Gym Needs A New Functional Rig

Why Every Gym Needs A New Functional Rig


At Dynamo Fitness we have experienced an increase in more gyms setting up Modular rigs to use as squat racks / pull up stations and many other functions to improve the functionality of their facility.

Rigs offer many benefits in that they are

  • Strong and stable due to bolting them down to walls and floor
  • Act as a squat rack for a variety of barbell exercises
  • Compact and take up less space than traditional power cages and rack
  • Offer a range of pull up bars to hang gym rings, trx and other accessories from
  • Look great and give a gym that functional training zone environment


360 Total body conditioning gym

The rig below was designed for a gym in Malaga 6090. We worked with the owner in recommending a wall mounted rig as he was limited on space.


PPS Gym Morley

The guys at PPS gym Morley need a rig used for mainly barbell bench and squats. A free standing 3 cell rig offered up to 4 squat stations and worked well in their gym layout.




One of our favourite rigs supplied is this 19.5m long monster wall mounted rig. This featured a total of 14 uprights from 2.7m to 3.5m, 27 pull up bars from standard 1.1m to the 1.8m wide pull up bar and spotter arms with j-hooks.



At Dynamo Fitness we offer customize rig drawing and construction and provide free quotes. Contact us today.

Commercial CrossFit Rigs

Visit our New Reeplex Alpha Rigs Page for the full range



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