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Reviewing the Reeplex Titan 2.0 Treadmill

Titan 2.0 Treadmill Review

This week we take a look at the Reeplex Titan 2.0 Motorized Treadmill and what this cardio machine has to offer? Treadmills are one of the best ways to build cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and get fit. Finding a treadmill that suits your style of training is important. The Titan 2.0 packs a punch when it comes to size and capability and tops the list when it comes user comfort, find out why we think this treadmill may be ideal for you.


When shopping around for a treadmill, the first priority should be the size of the Motor. Longevity of the machine coupled with the power required to increase speed smooth and steadily all requires a strong motor. The titan 2.0 treadmill comes in with a powerful 3.5 continuous horsepower motor. We noticed the treadmill was super silent no matter the speed it was running at. Ideal for those who like to work out peacefully at home and not disturb others.

10″ Touchscreen Display

10inch touchscreen display on titan 2.0

After stepping on we could not miss the 10″ Touchscreen Display screen ready for action. The screen was laid out with easy-to-use tabs and was simple to navigate. With options to select pre-programmed workouts or get creative and design your own workout, as well as checking out the real view run app that has you travelling through different terrains giving that interactive feel.

What we liked best about the screen was the option to connect to your home Wi-Fi and use apps like YouTube and Netflix. We loved how we could watch our favourite show while running.

Running Deck & Incline Motor

If you are a runner, you will know the importance of having a decent amount of deck space for your workout. The Titan 2.0 running surface is large measuring 151cm x 53cm its one of the biggest on the market today.

Running Deck - Titan 2.0 Treadmill

One feature we found handy was the foot rails on either side of the run belt, they were large enough to feel stable and have a rubber-coated tactile feature. This is ideal for those looking to do sprint work where you need to move on and off the belt quickly, unlike some treadmills that don’t allow enough room to place your foot from the belt, the Titan has adequate space all the way along for users big and small.

Apps and Connectivity

Being connected to our smart devices at all times is the norm these days and the Titan treadmill has the technology to keep you connected throughout your work out. The display had USB for smart device charging while you run.

Transport and Storage

Titan 2.0 Folding Treadmill

The Titan is kitted out with a hydraulic folding assistant that allows the deck to lift and lower with the push of a lever. Storage is made easy, with the 4 wheels on the base the treadmill can be moved in either the flat or upright position.

Final Thoughts

We found the Titan treadmill to be a real winner when it comes to functionality and user-friendliness. When comparing other models, the price of the Titan was a stand-alone feature for a treadmill offering full touch screen capabilities. The warranty offering a lifetime guarantee on the frame screams to the structural integrity of the heavy-duty design. Along with the 10-year warranty for the motor, this treadmill ticks all the boxes we were looking for and more.

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Explore our range of Treadmills Today

Visit our Perth Showroom to see our range in store.

Visit our Melbourne Showroom to see the awesome range on display.