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Treadmills and controller boards.

Anyone that has had a treadmill for an extended period will tell you the same thing. My controller board needed replacement. This is also evident from our history of treadmill faults that 9/10 faults will almost always lead to a faulty controller.

Unfortunately, until now no one has been able to crack this puzzle. There is always going to be controllers that need replacing and there is no silver bullet but there are ways to make sure we minimise these faults and limit their occurrence.

To do this we have done the following

  1. Give customer lubrication kits and educate them on how to service treadmills
  2. Make sure the components in the treadmill work in harmony with each other. For example, a 1.75chp motor should not be allowed to exceed 16km/h.
  3. Choose reputable CE certified manufacturers adhering to the European standard of electrical Testing of components.
  4. Recommend the right model for the right customer, Factors like not exceeding the user limit, this makes a huge difference to the life of your treadmill deck and components such as the motor and of course the controller board.

With all that in mind, we hope this article helps you make the right decisions when choosing to invest in a treadmill.