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Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve With Compression Wrap

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Small: Ankle size of 20.32 to 21.59 cm

Medium: Ankle size of 21.59 to 22.86 cm

Large: Ankle size  of 22.86 to 24.13 cm

X Large: Ankle size of 24.13 to 25.4 cm

Measurements were converted from Inches so round to the nearest cm for accurate measurements.

The Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with Wrap is a low profile compression wrap designed to support the ankle and align the joint. The breathable mesh fabric combines with the N-Tek moisture wicking neoprene to maximise comfort and provide pain relief.

  • Contoured to the shape of your ankle for improved fit
  • Patented mesh fabric and neoprene compression
  • Adjustable multi-directional strap
  • Moisture wicking and Anti-microbial technology

This product is not a replacement for proper medical care. Always consult a physician or medical professional for the diagnosis and treatment of an injury.