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reeplex rwb190 bench press with lat pulldown

Benefits of Weight Training – The Bench Press

Why does a person need a weight bench? It turns out that these pieces of equipment can provide some great benefits to you regardless of your weight training goals.


This is important to help you maintain a proper form while lifting and will assist in increasing the efficiency of how much and how fast you might do your reps. It will also make sure that the user can focus on using the weights rather than if their balance is going to be off or be uncomfortable, since benches are usually quite padded.

Helps with muscle targeting: Because this product will support you, you will get a wider range of motions with confidence. This means a person could focus on harder to exercise muscles, as well as have the freedom to target the muscles at different angles for added strength in tone.


Many benches, like the REEPLEX RFID500  for instance, can be put in different positions to do more than just weight lifting. That means you can be positive that this is a wise investment for a home gym because you get more for what you pay for.

Perfect for beginners: Just getting into weightlifting? Then this can be great for someone like you. This will help you learn and maintain the proper form to ensure your safety. As a beginner your main focus is your form because that will help to build a strong foundation.

Helps with muscle tone: Benches will help build tone, especially in your upper body where most people want that defined toned look. This will then lead to a reduction in your body fat, which is excellent for one’s joints. While you work on your muscles, your bones will also benefit from this and helps with bone density and increase your flexibility.

Choosing the right bench

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing this item for one’s home gym. Doing your research is the best way to figure out what will meet your needs. Do you have a spot dedicated for a bench, or do you need one that you could store away until needed? Would you like to do abdominal exercises as well as lifting weights? Some also have options for if you want to focus on your leg muscles as well. After choosing the equipment you want, there are other things to consider too. You will also have to get the weights to use, and other accessories like gloves, mats to protect the floor, and a belt to help support your back while lifting.

Benefits of Weight Training - The Bench Press


What to look for in a bench

You will want something that feels stable. This will give you added confidence to lift safely. Another important feature to look for is something that is comfortable to you. If you are comfortable, you will be better able to work out. For this, you might choose to go to the store to sit on them to ensure that it is comfortable enough before you buy it either in store or online. A good idea is to look for one that is adjustable. This might be adjusted for your comfort or to do many different varieties of exercises. That could be important to make sure that you spent your money on a truly multipurpose bench.


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Reeplex RWB190 Bench press with lat pulldown