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EXERCISE BIKES VS CROSS TRAINERS: what machine should you buy?

Exercise bikes and cross trainers we see them in every gym around the world and many people have tried them but have you ever wonder which machine is more beneficial for burning calories and loosing weight.

Both exercise bikes and cross trainers provide a great aerobic/cardiovascular workout if used with moderate intensity. The difference between the two is where an exercise bike requires you to use your legs only to move through a set resistance a cross trainer allows you to incorporate your arms into the workout. By activating more muscles you in term increase your metabolic rate thus burning more calories.

That being said let’s explore the pros and cons of both machines and help you decide which one is right for you.


When exercising we want to use a machine that is comfortable and safe especially when you’re in the last minutes of the workout and things get uncomfortable you want a machine that does not make this worse. A good quality exercise bike should come with a wide sturdy seat that supports you and provides you with relative comfort. In a cross trainer the foot pedals should be wide and stable , the machine should not rock side to side this can happen on cheaper model cross trainers so keep that in mind.


In terms of features both exercise bikes and cross trainers have a lot to offer. More features does not necessary result in a better machine. In exercise bikes most will have a heart rate sensor, some programmes built in and wheels in the front to help you move the bike around. Some bikes no come with a IPod / Android connectivity which allows you to connect your iPad or tablet to your bike. Once connected the iPad can display your heart rate, speed, calories burned, distance and other progression you make during a workout this can be a handy feature for the tech loving people out there.

Cross trainers have a lot to offer in features. Most will have a good display full of important information such as speed, distance, calories burned and a range of programmes with a heart rate monitoring handles. A good quality cross trainer will have wheels in front for easy transportation around the home. Like some exercise bikes cross trainers will come with iPad/Android connectivity options.



When purchasing home exercise equipment you generally want a compact machine that does not take up a lot of room. In this case if space is an issue for you than an exercise bike is the right choice. Exercise bikes are more compact and require less space to use; this might be the deciding factor when purchasing an exercise bike but cross trainers have recently become more compact in design and require less room to use so it’s a matter of weighing up your requirements and how much room you have to spare.



And he winner is… Neither! In the end the most important factor to consider is which machine you are going to actually use and enjoy training on it. It’s about the feel of the machine as well we suggest trying both equipment out, try different models and variations and ask a lot of questions to help you out at Dynamo Fitness all our staff are equipped to help you decide which equipment is right for you. Ask us before you go out and buy your next cross trainer or exercise bike.