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What Weight Dumbbells You Should Use for Workouts!

It might be difficult to decide which dumbbells to use for your exercises if you’re new to lifting, but getting the proper weight is crucial. You can injure yourself if you do too much, and you won’t gain any benefit from your efforts if you do too little. When it comes to deciding what weight dumbbells to use, there are two key factors to consider: the exercises you’re performing and your fitness objectives. You should also assess your current level of strength and experience to avoid injury and maximize improvement. Take a look at the list below and consider the following things in mind.

Set of Heavy Dumbbells:

30kg rubber hex dumbbells

Leg workouts with dumbbells come in a wide range of options. The Bulgarian split squat and the goblet squat are simple and efficient workouts for strengthening the quads/thighs and glutes. A Romanian dumbbell deadlift may be used to strengthen your hamstrings. To target your glutes and lower back, you may do the weighted glute bridge with a dumbbell as well. Finally, weighted calf lifts may be done using dumbbells to help your calves expand. To get the most out of these workouts, you’ll need a hefty set of dumbbells.

Set of Medium Dumbbells:

To do most upper-body workouts, you’ll need a medium set of dumbbells. The dumbbell bench press, along with the dumbbell fly, is a mainstay in most bodybuilders’ exercises for the chest. Dumbbell shoulder presses and Arnold presses are key workouts for improving size and strength in the shoulders. In terms of exercising your back muscles, dumbbell rows and pullovers are good dumbbell alternatives to typical cable/barbell workouts.

Set of Light Dumbbells:

Finally, a light pair of dumbbells may be used to strengthen your body’s smaller, naturally weaker muscles. For your biceps to grow, you’ll need to do a lot of work with a little weight and plenty of reps. The hammer curl, concentration curl, and sitting inclination curl are three of the greatest dumbbell bicep workouts for size development. Your side-delts will not grow until you exercise them immediately with a modest weight on your shoulders. The dumbbell lateral raise comes in here. Light dumbbells may also be used to work your triceps, as can workouts like the tricep kickback and single-arm overhead extension. View our Our full line of Dumbbells.


The following are the top dumbbell sets on the market:



If you want to create your at-home gym, this is the correct option for you. Rubber Hex Dumbbell, 4-30 kilogram Set includes a sturdy two-tier dumbbell rack that keeps all of your weights off the floor, organized, and ready for any session. It features a Commercial Rubber Hex design and is made of one-piece forged steel with Knurl handles for a secure grip.



This is an excellent choice for newcomers. These rubber hex dumbbells are a fantastic training item that can be used for a variety of exercises to help you gain muscle, boost metabolism, and increase strength. These rubber hex dumbbells are made from a single piece of rubber and have a commercial rubber hexagonal design that makes them convenient to store and use.

How to Select the Appropriate Dumbbell Weight:

To determine the weight of dumbbells you should acquire, you may simply test your strength with equipment by lifting household objects and observing how heavy they are. A 1-litre water bottle, for example, will weigh about 1 kilogram. Take this bottle in your hand. Use it to do a few bicep curls. A 1kg set of dumbbells is excellent for your ‘light’ session if you feel like this is heavy enough to complete roughly 10-12 curls with. Fill a 5l watering can with water and weigh it; it should weigh around 5kg.

On average, the weight of your medium dumbbells should be around twice (or slightly more) than the weight of your light dumbbells. Dumbbells for the heavy set should be around 50% heavier than those for the medium setting. For instance, if your light set required a 5kg pair of dumbbells for arm exercises, your medium set for upper body workouts would be roughly 12.5-15kg. Your heavy set for leg workouts should weigh about 20-22.5kg based on this.

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