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Pure Design SB4 V2 Spin Bike with MonitorPure Design SB4 V2 Spin Bike with Monitor
Bodyworx ASB500 Spin Bike Bodyworx ASB500 Spin Bike
Pure Design SB8 Spin Bike main 1Pure Design SB8 Spin Bike main 2
Spin Bike Bodyworx AIC850Spin Bike Bodyworx AIC850
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Horizon 7.0IC Indoor BikeHorizon 7.0IC Indoor Bike
Horizon 7.0IC Magnetic Indoor Spin Bike
Sale price$1,350.00 Regular price$1,599.00
Save $600
image of Proform Carbon C7s Spin Bikeimage of Proform C7s Monitor
Proform Carbon C7s Magentic Spin Bike
Sale price$1,399.00 Regular price$1,999.00
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ProForm Spin Bike Tour De France CSCProForm Spin Bike Tour De France CSC monitor

Spin Bikes

Why Choose a Spin Bike?

Spin bikes are a great way to increase your fitness and burn calories fast. Get your sweat on and burn calories while sitting down. A spin bike is an excellent option for those looking to get on top of their cardio goals fast. Cost-effective and with a small footprint, a spin bike is a popular machine for many.

Shop Quality Spin Bikes

When buying a spin bike, looking for quality and what works for your body is essential. All spin bikes will come with the basic adjustment of seat height up and down, although a regular spinner would require a higher level of customisation. Adjusting the handlebars up and down as well as forward and back is ideal for achieving the correct ergonomic riding position. This can also be assisted with positioning the seat forward and backward. 

Most spin bikes will come with either a lever or turn dial nob to adjust the resistance on the flywheel. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what is better, and often personal preference plays a big part. 

Next to consider is the flywheel; the heavier the flywheel, the more controlled and smooth the ride will feel. Fly wheels can be placed at either the front or the back of the bike, with the wheel's height varying. Generally, the heavier the flywheel, the better the spin bike's quality, as most commercial-grade spin bikes have a flywheel that is around two or more kilos heavier.

Need help choosing the right spin bike?

Here at Dynamo fitness equipment, we are on hand to help you select the right spin bike with our knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. Why not visit our three stores in MelbourneSydney or Perth and speak to our friendly team, who will help answer any questions you may have? Can't make it in-store? Call us on 1300856542 and have a chat with our team.