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image of 3kg Olympic Slam Ball3kg Olympic Slam Ball showing the logo
3kg Slam Ball
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image of 4kg Reeplex Slam Ball4kg Reeplex Slam Ball showing the logo
4kg Slam Ball
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6kg Slam Ball
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8kg Slam Ball
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10kg Slam Ball
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image of 12kg Slam Ball12kg Slam Ball
12kg Slam Ball
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15kg Slam Ball
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20kg Slam Ball
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25kg Slam Ball
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3kg - 8kg Slam Ball Set 3kg - 8kg Slam Ball Set
3kg - 8kg Slam Ball Set
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image of 30kg slam balllogo of 30kg slam ball
30kg Slam Ball
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35kg Slam ball
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3kg - 10kg Slam Ball3kg - 10kg Slam Ball
3kg - 10kg Slam Ball Set
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image of 40kg Slam Balls40kg Slam Balls showing logo
40kg Slam Ball
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45kg Slam Ball
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50kg Slam Ball
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3 kg - 12 kg slam balls positioned in a V formation3 kg - 12 kg slam balls positioned in a line formation
3kg - 12kg Slam Ball Set
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image of 55kg Reeplex Slam Ball55kg Reeplex Slam Ball showing the logo
55kg Slam Ball
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60kg Slam Ball
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image of 70kg Slam Ball Reeplex70kg Slam Ball Reeplex showing the logo
70kg Slam Ball
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3kg - 15kg slam ball set 3kg - 15kg slam ball set
3kg - 15kg Slam Ball Set
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3kg - 20kg slam ball set 3kg - 20kg slam ball set
3kg - 20kg Slam Ball Set
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3kg - 30 kg slam ball package3kg - 30 kg slam ball package

Slam Balls



What are Slam Balls?

Slam balls, also known as dead balls, are textured and weighted spheres designed specifically for upper body strength training exercises that involve high-velocity, high-impact movements. Unlike traditional medicine ball exercises, slam balls are built to be slammed against walls, and floors.

Gym slam balls are designed for throwing exercises and slamming use on suitable surfaces such as gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats, stall mats, or turf without bouncing back, allowing for a full range of ballistic movements. If you're looking to amp up your workout regimen, slam balls are your best friend than normal medicine balls.

Why are Durable Slam Balls an Important Gym Equipment?

When we walk into a gym, our eyes are immediately drawn to the dumbbells, treadmills, and maybe even the power racks with their plethora of attachments. But there's one piece of equipment that often sits in the corner, waiting for its moment to shineβ€”the slam ball.

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we offer the highest quality, most durable fitness gym equipment out there. Our slam balls for sale are no exception. Made from high-quality, puncture-resistant material, our slam balls are designed to withstand the toughest workouts. Please check out our Train Now and Pay Later options and start building strength without the hassle. Order your slam balls now with delivery information and we will ensure you receive your slam balls within the delivery time across Australia.

They also feature a grippy surface for a secure hold and are available in various weights to suit all fitness levels. Their durability and versatility make them a perfect addition to any home or professional gym setup.

Benefits of Slam Balls / Dead Balls in Your Workouts

Slam Balls are perfect for squatting, throwing and slamming. Slam balls have been designed to enhance your home gym workout efficiency, offering full-body engagement, core stability, unparalleled versatility, lasting durability, and suitability for all levels of fitness.

  • Slam Balls activate multiple muscle groups at once, offering an efficient way to tone up and maximize calorie burn.
  • Slam balls target your core muscles, improving posture and balance while reducing injury risks.
  • Use Slam Balls for traditional slams, circuit training, or as weight substitutes to diversify your workouts.
  • Available in various weights, Slam Balls are accessible for beginners and versatile enough for seasoned athletes.


Do ball slams burn fat?

Yes, ball slams are a high-intensity exercise that can help you burn calories and fat. They engage multiple muscle groups, raising your heart rate and boosting your metabolism.

Are slam balls good for abs?

Absolutely, slam balls are excellent for targeting your core muscles, including your abs. The slamming motion and core stabilization involved provide a focused abdominal workout.

Is Slam Ball a full-body workout?

Yes, slam ball exercises engage multiple muscle groups, from your legs and arms to your back and core. It's a versatile tool for a comprehensive, full-body workout.

Shop Slam Balls at Dynamo Fitness Australia & Elevate Your Body Workout

Don't miss out on the ultimate workout gym equipment. Browse our extensive range of Slam Balls online, or feel the quality for yourself by visiting one of our gym equipment stores in Perth, Sydney & Melbourne. Ready to make a move? Enjoy 1-year replacement warranty against manufacturer defects. Please contact us for more information and elevate your fitness game today!