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Standard Tricep / Hammer Curl BarbellStandard Tricep / Hammer Curl Barbell
Standard Tricep / Hammer Curl Barbell
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Standard Ez-curl Barbell - Standard Barbells SydneyStandard Ez-Curl Barbell 25mm with Spring Clips
Standard Ez-curl Barbell with clips
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Standard 1.2m Screw Collar BarbellStandard 1.2m Screw Collar Barbell
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Standard 6ft / 1.8m Barbell with Spring ClipsStandard 6ft / 1.8m Barbell with Spring Clips
Standard 6ft / 1.8m Barbell with Spring Clips
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Buy standard barbell 1.8m / 6ft Barbell with Screw CollarsBuy standard barbell 1.8m / 6ft Barbell with Screw Collars
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7ft Standard Barbell 2.2m Barbell 25mm with Screw Collars7ft Standard Barbell 2.2m Barbell 25mm with Screw Collars
Standard 7ft Barbell with Spring Clips
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20kg Pump Set 1.2m Bar + Clips - Barbell Sets Sydney20kg Pump Set 1.2m Bar + Clips
20kg Pump Set 1.4m Bar + Clips
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Standard barbells - EZ Curl - Standard Bar

The standard barbell is an essential piece of gym equipment. People have used these equipment since decades and they have helped individuals achieve their fitness goals.

This long metal bar is not just a symbol of cardio strength, power, weight training, and muscle fitness. But, it is also a versatile tool and you can use it to target a wide range of muscle groups.

For those who are new to weightlifting, or looking to set up a home gym, standard barbells are a great option. They are perfect for helping you train and get stronger. They allow you to lift, raise, and press to build muscle and increase your fitness levels.

Standard Barbells Vs Olympic Barbells

Standard barbells come in a variety of different styles, such as straight bars, curl bars, and tricep bars. Each of them is designed for different types of exercises and movements. They usually have a diameter of 25-30mm, making them suitable for everyday lifters.

In contrast, Olympic barbells are much thicker, with a diameter of 50mm. Olympic Weights are fitness equipment typically and people use them in competitive weight lifting and powerlifting.

These strength training pieces of equipment can handle much heavier loads. Olympic bars are also longer than standard size barbells. They allow a wider grip and a more extended range of standard barbell motion.

Standard Bar Exercises - Weight Training and Fitness

There are numerous types of training you can do with a barbell that target different muscle groups. For instance, the bench press is a popular chest workout that helps to strengthen the pectoral muscles. Deadlifts, on the other hand, are exercises that help to improve overall strength by targeting the legs, back, and core muscles.

In addition to these classic exercises, there are many other variations and movements that you can perform with a barbell, such as squats, lunges, shoulder presses, and bent-over rows. These exercises can help to develop and tone the biceps, triceps, forearms, glutes, back area, traps, hamstrings, and shoulders.

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