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Bodyworx KRX280M Magnetic Rowing MachineBodyworx KRX280M Magnetic Rowing Machine
Save $333
BodyWorx KR6000MAG Manual Mag RowerBodyWorx KR6000MAG Manual Mag Rower
BodyWorx KR6000MAG Manual Mag Rower
Sale price$766.00 Regular price$1,099.00
Save $115
Pure Design PR4-2024 Magnetic Rowing MachinePure Design PR4-2024 Magnetic Rowing Machine
Pure Design PR4-2024 Magnetic Rowing Machine
Sale price$785.00 Regular price$899.99
Pure Design VR1 Water-Based RowerPure Design VR1 Water-Based Rower
Save $300
Pure Design VR2 Water-Based RowerPure Design VR2 Water-Based Rower
Pure Design VR2 Water Rowing Machine
Sale price$1,099.00 Regular price$1,399.00
Proform Pro R10 RowerProform Pro R10 Rower
Proform Pro R10 Rower
Sale price$1,399.00
WaterRower A1 Home with Quick Start MonitorWaterRower A1 Home with Quick Start Monitor
Pure Design PR10 Pro Commercial Air Rowing MachinePure Design PR10 Pro Commercial Air Rowing Machine
Pure Design PR12 RowerPure Design PR12 Rower fly wheel
Pure Design Commercial Ski TrainerPure Design Commercial Ski Trainer
Save $108
image of Ski Trainer with Floor StandBodyworx Ski Trainer with Floor Stand
Bodyworx Ski Trainer with Floor Stand
Sale price$1,890.00 Regular price$1,998.00
Bodyworx KRX950 Commercial Air RowerBodyworx KRX950 Commercial Air Rower
Water Rower Oak Rowing Machine with S4 Performance MonitorWater Rower Oak Rowing Machine with S4 Performance Monitor
Water Rower Club Commercial Rowing MachineWater Rower Club Commercial Rowing Machine
WaterRower Oxbridge With S4 Performance MonitorWaterRower Oxbridge With S4 Performance Monitor
r22 model using the machine 1rw22 model back shot
Water Rower Classic With S4 Performance Monitor American WalnutWater Rower Classic With S4 Performance Monitor American Walnut
Save $859
Pure Design Cardio Package - Rowing Machines MelbournePure Design Cardio Package
Pure Design Cardio Package
Sale price$4,139.98 Regular price$4,998.98
Save $1,210
Bodyworx Cardio Package - Commercial Ski TrainersBodyworx Cardio Package
Bodyworx Cardio Package
Sale price$4,287.00 Regular price$5,496.90
Save $642
image of Inspire CR2.5 Cross RowerInspire CR2.5 Cross Rower
Inspire CR2.5 Cross Rower
Sale price$4,550.00 Regular price$5,192.00
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image of BodyWorx KR6000AIR Turbine Air RowerBodyWorx KR6000AIR Turbine Air Rower


Best Rowing Machines Australia

Rowing machines have the impressive ability to transform your regular fitness regimen. Row machines are exceptional pieces of fitness equipment that offer a robust combination of strength training, calorie burning, and endurance-boosting.

Appropriate for all fitness levels, from novice to veteran, the rowing machine is an outstanding choice for comprehensive cardiovascular exercise. Read our comprehensive rowing machines buying guide.

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we provide a wide range of Water rower machines, Magnetic rowing machines, and Air Rowers to cater to everyone's preferences. And for those conscious about style, our chic Wooden Rowers will elegantly complement any home gym setup.

Check Out Our Flexible Payment Options: Train Now, Pay Later

Understanding that quality fitness equipment is an investment, we're excited to offer our "Train Now, Pay Later" option. Our flexible payment solution allows you to start your fitness journey immediately with the convenience of paying over time. It's a hassle-free way to get the equipment you need without the upfront cost.

Guaranteed Best Price: Price Match Promise

We're committed to offering you the best value on all our products. With our "Price Match" guarantee, if you find a lower price on an identical item from any competitor, we will not only match it but beat it. This ensures that you're always getting the best deal possible when you choose Dynamo Fitness Equipment for your home gym needs.

Water Rowers

At Dynamo Fitness, we offer a wide collection of high-quality rowing machines, competitively priced to offer excellent value. Water rowers, with their fluid pull and release mechanism, make each stroke a pleasure, satisfying fitness enthusiasts across all levels.Β 

We are thrilled to stock the renowned Water Rower brand, known for delivering the best-constructed water rowers in today's market, all supported by an exceptional warranty.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

If you're considering investing in a magnetic rowing machine, we offer a comprehensive selection of magnetic rowers at competitive prices. Magnetic rowing machines provide a unique advantage by allowing users to adjust resistance levels, thereby facilitating a personalized workout. Equipped with magnetic flywheels and a series of magnets, magnetic rowers operate without friction, ensuring they remain a low-maintenance option within your home gym.

Air Rowing Machines

Also known as "flywheel rowing machines," these use airflow over a flywheel to create resistance. The resistance is determined by the rowing speedβ€”the harder and faster you row, the greater the resistance. Air rowing machines are often used by professional rowers and in gyms due to their ability to provide a realistic rowing motion.

Benefits of Rowing Machines

Working out with rowing machines can provide a multitude of physical and mental health benefits. Here are some key advantages you can gain from incorporating a rowing machine into your fitness routine:

  • Total Body Workout: Rowing machines provide a comprehensive workout, engaging both upper and lower body muscle groups, including the arms, legs, back, and core. This leads to improved muscular strength and endurance.
  • Efficient Calorie Burn: As a high-intensity workout involving multiple muscle groups simultaneously, rowing can help you burn calories more efficiently than many other forms of exercise.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Regular rowing workouts can enhance cardiovascular health by increasing heart rate and lung capacity, which can lead to improved stamina and endurance over time.
  • Low-Impact Exercise: Rowing is a low-impact activity, which means it's easier on the joints compared to high-impact exercises like running. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals of all fitness levels and those with joint issues or recovering from injuries.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: The full range of motion involved in rowing can help improve flexibility and mobility, particularly in the back and joints.
  • Stress Reduction: The rhythmic motion of rowing can have a calming effect, reducing stress and boosting mental well-being. The focus required during a rowing workout can also provide a mental break from day-to-day worries and stressors.
  • Posture Improvement: Regular rowing workouts can strengthen your back and core muscles, which are crucial for maintaining good posture.

Need Help to Choose the Right Rowing Machine for Sale?

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we're here to simplify the process of buying rowing machines for you. Our knowledgeable staff understands all types of rowers and can help you find the perfect machine to meet your unique needs.Β 

Whether you're shopping in-store in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, or browsing our extensive online range, we're dedicated to providing a seamless shopping experience. Contact us today and let our expert team help you with buying rowing machines for sale.