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Upper Body Ergometer E685 Arm Cycle
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Medical Upper Body Ergometer Ube E950
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What are Ergometers?

Ergometers are ingenious training systems and service a wide range of abilities, from athletes looking to increase their upper body strength and stamina to wheelchair users wanting to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

The beauty of the ergometers we supply is the diversity in the design, with the main arm adjusting from horizontal to vertical with an internal gas-assist mechanism. This means you have the option of performing the exercise from either a standing or seated position.

Dynamo stocks an Ergometer suitable for wheelchair users; this model allows the Ergometer chair to detach so you can roll onto the platform to exercise.

Upper Body Ergometers

This machine is popular not just in your local gymnasium but also in physiotherapy studios, hospitals, rehab centers, and retirement villages. A simple way to think of upper body ergometers is like a bike for your arms; following the same cycle pattern as your legs would experience on your pushbike, your arms follow suit giving your upper body a great cardiovascular workout.

With the easy-to-hold ergonomic hand grips, the cycling motion can be performed in both directions, forwards and reverse. Alternating the direction helps to engage more of the back and core muscles, giving you a more effective workout. The easy-to-adjust resistance lever uses water in a tank to manipulate the strength needed to perform the revolution.

Unlike other designs, our comfortable seat gives full lumbar support, meaning as you increase your load, the machine still offers comfort during the entire workout.

How Does an Upper Body Ergometer Work?

Unlike traditional ergometers that target the legs, the UBE focuses on the arms, shoulders, back, and chest. If you've ever wondered how this innovative machine operates, let's break it down:

Resistance Mechanism

At the heart of the UBE is a resistance mechanism. As you rotate the handles or cranks, the ergometer generates resistance, typically through air, magnetic, or friction methods. The level of resistance can be adjusted, allowing you to customize the intensity of your workout.

Rotating Handles

The handles of the UBE rotate in a circular motion, mimicking the movement of cycling with your arms. When you push and pull the handles, you engage various muscle groups, such as the deltoids, triceps, biceps, and latissimus dorsi.

Performance Monitor

Most UBEs come equipped with a digital monitor. This tracks vital workout metrics such as time, distance, calories burned, and revolutions per minute (RPM). It's an invaluable tool for monitoring progress and setting goals.

Who Should Use an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE)?

An Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) is a versatile piece of fitness equipment designed to target the muscles of the upper body. Its unique design and functionality make it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

  • Injury rehabilitation patients can benefit from UBEs when recovering from leg, knee, or lower-body injuries.
  • Wheelchair users find it ideal for seated cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening workouts.
  • Elderly individuals use it as a safe, low-impact exercise to improve cardiovascular health and muscle tone.
  • Athletes utilize UBEs for cross-training, focusing on cardiovascular endurance and upper-body strength.
  • Individuals with limited mobility find it a great alternative cardio workout.
  • People seeking upper body conditioning use it to target and tone the arms, shoulders, back, and chest.
  • Those needing low-impact workouts turn to UBEs to reduce joint stress while ensuring a robust cardiovascular exercise.

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