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Reeplex CBT-PL Functional Trainer Smith Machine Squat RackReeplex CBT-PL Functional Trainer Smith Machine Squat Rack
Reeplex CBT-PL Multi-Functional Trainer
Sale price$3,250.00 Regular price$4,500.00
Impact Fitness MF5 Multi Trainer + Attachments + Adjustable BenchIMPC-MT Multi Trainer Main
Reeplex SMGX Multi-Functional Trainer with FID BenchReeplex SMGX Multi-Functional Trainer + Adjustable Bench + Leg Developer
Save $1,200
Functional Trainer / Smith Machine Squat Rack 2 x 60kg Steel Weight StacksReeplex CBT-PN90 Multi-Functional Trainer 2 X 90kg Weight Stacks
Save $500
Reeplex Commercial Linear Bearing Smith MachineReeplex Commercial Linear Bearing Smith Machine
Reeplex Commercial Linear Bearing Smith Machine
Sale price$4,100.00 Regular price$4,600.00
Save $1,796
inspire ft2Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer
Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer
Sale price$5,999.99 Regular price$7,796.25
cx3 maincx3 side view
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Inspire SCS Multi-Functional Trainer + Smith MachineInspire SCS Multi-Functional Trainer + Smith Machine

Multifunctional Smith Machines

Looking for a workout machine that grows with you? Check out our Multifunctional Smith Machines. Smith machines are designed to fit everyone, whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you are a seasoned pro.

With a modern Smith machine, your workout options multiply. You are not just limited to squats and bench presses, but you can also do bicep curls and so much more. The best part? It is flexible. As your fitness level changes, so can your workout routine.

Read our article about the benefits of Smith Machines.

Thinking of adding multifunctional Smith machines to your home workouts? Or maybe you are upgrading the equipment at your fitness facility? Either way, our Smith machines have got you covered.

Need help deciding which Smith machine is right for you? Just give us a shout. We are here to help you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

Modern Multipurpose Smith Machines Come With A Wide Range of Features

Remember when Smith machines were just about classic barbell workouts? Well, things have changed. Smith machines today are versatile workout powerhouses. They are decked out with a bunch of features for all kinds of exercises.

Whether it is cable crossovers, squat racks, landmine exercises, pull-ups, or dips, these machines have got you covered. Take a tour of our stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, or have a look at our online range to learn more about what these machines can do.

Before you jump in and buy, remember to measure your space. These machines can be a bit bulky. But don't worry, they are a good fit whether you are sprucing up your home gym, equipping a corporate fitness center, or running a commercial gym.

Additionally, multipurpose Smith Machines don't just work great, they look great too. And the cherry on top? They're super easy to maintain — just wipe them down from time to time.

What is a Smith Machine Good For?

A Smith machine is excellent for strength training and muscle building due to its unique design and functionality. It's particularly beneficial for performing exercises like squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, and bicep curls with stability and safety.

With its vertical fixed pathway, the machine's structure ensures controlled movement and helps prevent injury, making it ideal for beginners or those lifting heavy weights. Moreover, advanced users can leverage the Smith machine for targeted muscle isolation workouts, enhancing their strength training regimen.

Buy Affordable Multifunctional Smith Machines at Dynamo Fitness Australia

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we believe in giving you the best without draining your wallet. Our best prices ensure that. We offer flexible payment plans and fast delivery to make bringing home your machine as smooth as possible. The only hard part is choosing the one that's best for you. We are here to help with that too.

Helping You Choose the Perfect Fitness Equipment

If you are someone who likes to try before you buy, then you are in luck. Our gym equipment showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth have a whole variety of Smith machines for you to check out.

We are open seven days a week. If you have got any questions or need help picking the perfect Smith machine, just get in touch. We believe in your fitness journey and we are here to provide the best equipment to help you succeed.