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Power Training GlovePower Training Glove
image of Power Strength Glove WomenPower Strength Glove Women
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Pro Strength GloveGlove size chart
Mens Pro Glove
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Women's Pro Wash & Dry GloveHarbinger Women's Pro Wash & Dry Glove
Women's Pro Wash & Dry Glove
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Power Glove 2.0
Power Glove 2.0
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Harbinger Men’s Pro Gloves 2.0Harbinger Men’s Pro Gloves 2.0
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Everlast Duster Vergel Quick Wraps
Everlast Duster Evergel Quick Wraps
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Training Grip Wrist Wrap GloveTraining Grip Wrist Wrap Glove
Titan Grappling GloveTitan Grappling Glove
Titan Grappling Glove
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Shop Wide Range of Gym Gloves at Dynamo Fitness

From the type of gym equipment you use to the gloves you wear, everything contributes to a safer and more effective workout experience. At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we understand the significance of such details and offer you a wide range of great quality gym gloves, one of the pivotal accessories for weightlifting.

What are Gym Gloves?

Gym gloves, also known as weightlifting gloves, are specially designed hand coverings for individuals engaged in strength training, weightlifting, or resistance workouts. Made from a combination of leather, rubber, neoprene, or cloth, these gloves are structured to offer both protection to the hands and an enhanced grip on the equipment.

Why Use Gym Gloves?

Protection Against Calluses

The knurling on barbells, as well as the patterned grip on many gym cable attachments, often leads to rough and callused hands. Gym gloves provide a shield, ensuring your hands remain soft and undamaged.

Enhanced Grip

Sweaty palms can result in a compromised grip on weights, posing a risk of accidental drops. Gym gloves provide a secure grip, ensuring weights are held firmly.

Wrist Support

Many gym gloves come integrated with wrist wraps, providing additional support and reducing the risk of strains or sprains.


A good pair of gym gloves cushion your hands, offering enhanced comfort during prolonged weightlifting sessions.

Types of Gym Gloves

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, our inventory boasts a vast range of gym gloves tailored for diverse needs:

Minimal Fabric Gloves: For those who prioritize grip above all else, these gloves offer minimal interference, ensuring a near-natural feel of the equipment.

Wrist Support Gloves: Ideal for heavy lifters, these gloves provide the dual benefits of hand protection and wrist support.

Full Coverage Gloves: These gloves provide complete coverage, ensuring maximum protection against calluses and blisters.

Gym Gloves vs. Lifting Straps

While both gym gloves and lifting straps aid in weightlifting, they serve distinct purposes:

Gym Gloves: Primarily designed for hand protection and improved grip.

Lifting Straps: Aimed at enhancing grip on heavy weights, lifting straps wrap around the wrist and the weight bar, ensuring the weight is partially supported by the straps, allowing you to lift heavier.

Deciding between the two largely depends on individual preferences and specific weightlifting goals.


Why are my gym gloves slipping?

Ensure they fit snugly. If they're still slipping, consider gloves with a tackier grip or those made of a different material.

Can I wash my gym gloves?

Yes, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions. Most gloves can be hand washed, while some are machine-washable.

How often should I replace gym gloves?

When they start to wear out, lose grip, or no longer offer the necessary support and protection.

Are gym gloves suitable for both men and women?

Absolutely! Dynamo Fitness Equipment stocks gloves designed for both genders, ensuring optimal fit and comfort.

Can I use gym gloves for activities other than weightlifting?

Yes. While designed for weightlifting, they're also suitable for activities that require a firm grip, such as cycling or rowing.

Shop the Best Gym Gloves in Australia at Dynamo Fitness Now

Starting on your fitness journey necessitates the right gym equipment and accessories. Gym gloves, with their myriad benefits, prove to be an indispensable ally in this journey. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned lifter, the right pair can significantly enhance your workout experience.

Discover a plethora of top-notch gym equipment tailored for your needs. Browse our expansive collection online or immerse yourself in our mega-stores located in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. Need guidance or have a query? Don't hesitate to contact us. Your ultimate fitness transformation is just a click or a visit away!