Ankle Strap Attachment
Ankle Strap Attachment

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Ankle Strap Attachment

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An Ankle Strap Attachment adds resistance to lower body workouts with a loop that goes around your ankle and a band or cable that provides added resistance.

Ankle Strap are commonly used for exercises like leg curls, glute kickbacks, and hip abductions. By adding resistance to these exercises, you can increase the difficulty and intensity of your workouts, leading to greater strength and muscle development in your lower body.

Ankle Strap Attachment Key Features

  • Easy to Use with Strong Velcro
  • Long D-Steel Bar to Attachment To any cable machine
  • Excellent for Glute Kickbacks, thigh and calf training
  • Comfortable Neoprene inner padding won't cause rubbing on skin
  • Adjustable Velcro to suit all users