Everlast Titan Headgear


Everlast Titan Headgear

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The Everlast Titan Padded helmet is a great option for head protection during various activities. The foam-padded layered design provides ample protection, while the top and rear crown support adds extra reinforcement for peace of mind. The 2-way hook and loop design ensures a snug fit, which is crucial for ensuring the helmet stays securely in place during use.

Additionally, the full chin protection layer offers additional protection for the face, which is especially important for those participating in activities that involve potential impact on the face.

Overall, it's always important to prioritize safety during any activity, and investing in a quality helmet like the Everlast Titan Padded helmet can help provide that added protection and peace of mind.

Titan Headgear Key Features

  • Layered foam padding protection.
  • Cross brace design for top crown and separate rear crown pad
  • Two-way hook and loop head enclosure system
  • Cheek pads with a soft-touch interior lining
  • Integrated cross-ear straps.
  • Padded full chin protection.