PTP Flexiband Medium
PTP Flexiband Medium
PTP Flexiband Medium
PTP Flexiband Medium
PTP Flexiband Medium
PTP Flexiband Medium


PTP Flexiband Medium

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The FlexiBand Medium is the perfect tool to support your active recovery post-workout, designed to enhance flexibility in both your upper and lower body. With its medium level of resistance, it offers the ideal balance between support and challenge. Whether you're looking to stretch out tight muscles, improve joint mobility, or prevent overextension during your stretches, this versatile band has got you covered. After intense workouts, muscles often become shortened, leading to tightness and discomfort. The FlexiBand Medium allows you to control the stretch and provides the necessary resistance to help you perform effective stretches, relieving tension and promoting muscle recovery.

This medium-level FlexiBand offers a comprehensive solution for improving flexibility and aiding recovery. Its versatility makes it suitable for both upper and lower body stretches, and its medium resistance provides the right amount of challenge for users of various fitness levels. Whether you're targeting tight muscles or working on joint mobility, the FlexiBand Medium offers controlled stretching and prevents overextension, ensuring a safe and effective recovery process. Combat post-workout muscle tightness and discomfort with this essential tool for enhancing flexibility and promoting overall muscle health.

Key Features:

  • Medium FlexiBand
  • Active Recovery
  • Full-Body Flexibility
  • Controlled Stretching
  • Versatile Resistance
  • Muscle & Joint Relief
  • Balanced Challenge
  • Improve Flexibility