Flow Massage Gun Nano Grey
Flow Massage Gun Nano Grey
Flow Massage Gun Nano Grey


Flow Massage Gun Nano Grey

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Introducing the Flow Nano - your go-to solution for pain relief without the need for pills. This compact device combines the power of Heat and Percussion Massage therapies in one portable unit, offering you versatile relief on the move. With an adaptable heat plate endorsed for various pains and adjustable levels catering to all skin types, along with scientifically-proven percussion treatments and specialized attachments, the Nano ensures targeted relief wherever you need it. Lightweight, TSA-approved, and equipped with a long-lasting battery, this discreet device is perfect for seamless, quiet pain management at the office, during travel, or anywhere in between. Experience relief without compromise with the Flow Nano.

Key Features:

  • Thermal Heat Level 1 (Green) - 38 Degrees
  • Thermal Heat Level 2  (Amber) - 42 Degrees
  • Thermal Heat Level 3 (Red) - 46 Degrees
  • Compact Relief Solution
  • Small compact design
  • Versatile Pain Management
  • Super Quiet