Hoist Commercial Biceps Curl Machine Plate Loaded


Hoist Commercial Biceps Curl Machine Plate Loaded

SKU: RPL-5102

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Experience the innovation of the HOIST® Biceps Curl, featuring cutting-edge ROX™ technology that boasts self-aligning exercise arms for seamless adjustment to each user. These arms move independently, allowing for alternating curls and ensuring a dynamic workout.

Enjoy enhanced comfort and stability with a padded elbow brace and adjustable seat, while multiple grip positions and contoured handles optimize bicep engagement for maximum results. Unlike traditional biceps curl machines, this unit's unique rocking motion offers an extended range of motion, intensifying your workout.

Keep your workout space tidy and efficient with generous built-in weight storage, facilitating quick plate adjustments without cluttering your gym. Discover the transformative power of dynamic adjustment, tailored to your body's natural posture and flexibility, embodied in the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®. Take the journey yourself and feel the difference!

Hoist Commercial Biceps Curl Machine Plate Loaded Key Features:

  • Indulge in alternating curls as the exercise arms move independently.
  • Enjoy effortless adjustments with self-aligning exercise arms that cater to each user.
  • Discover optimal grip positions with contoured handles offering versatility.
  • Experience an expanded range of motion with the rocking movement feature.
  • Fine-tune your seating position with ratcheting seat adjustment for added comfort.  Keep your workout area clutter-free with ample built-in weight storage.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT 151kg (332 lbs)
  • MAX STORAGE 327kg (720 lbs)
  • MAX CAPACITY 363kg (800 lbs)