Hoist Commercial Hack Squat/Dead Lift/Shrug Machine Plate Loaded


Hoist Commercial Hack Squat/Dead Lift/Shrug Machine Plate Loaded

SKU: RPL-5356

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Experience versatility like never before with the HOIST® Hack Squat/Dead Lift/Shrug machine, offering three distinct exercises in one sleek design! Enhanced by innovative ROX™ technology, this machine replicates the motion of a traditional hack squat while providing optimal support. The adjustable back and seat pad ensure a neutral spine, reducing strain on the back muscles and promoting safety. 

For deadlifts and shrugs, the angled foot plate offers stability, particularly beneficial for users with tight calf muscles. This compound movement engages the shoulders and stabilizes the scapula for a controlled finish. Self-aligning hand grips cater to varying shoulder widths, promoting proper positioning throughout these exercises. 

Keep your workout area organized with generous built-in weight storage, allowing for quick plate adjustments without sacrificing space. Embrace dynamic adjustments tailored to your body's natural posture and flexibility, epitomizing the essence of the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®. Don't miss out – embark on the journey and DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE! 

Hoist Commercial Hack Squat/Dead Lift/Shrug Machine Plate Loaded Key Features: 

  • Experience versatility with an oversized foot plate, accommodating multiple foot positions for optimal biomechanics during hack squat and deadlift exercises. 
  • Enjoy customized comfort with self-aligning hand grips that adapt to different shoulder widths, ensuring proper positioning throughout your workout. 
  • Start your routine with ease thanks to counter-balanced features, reducing the initial weight load for a more comfortable lift. 
  • Maintain proper alignment and support with the seat, which adjusts to provide stability at the beginning and end of your exercise while seamlessly dropping away during movement. 
  • Keep your space organized and efficient with ample built-in weight storage, allowing for quick adjustments without cluttering your gym floor. 
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT 242kg (533 lbs)  
  • MAX STORAGE 327kg (720 lbs)  
  • MAX CAPACITY 363kg (800 lbs)