Hoist Commercial Shoulder Press Machine Plate Loaded


Hoist Commercial Shoulder Press Machine Plate Loaded

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Experience the groundbreaking design of the HOIST® Shoulder Press, enhanced with innovative ROX™ technology that seamlessly rocks the user back as the press arms ascend, mirroring the natural movement of a dumbbell or barbell shoulder press while reducing strain on the shoulder joints. Benefit from independent, converging press arms that are counter-balanced, ensuring a fluid and natural motion with each repetition. Customize your grip with confidence using contoured press arm handles, catering to users of all sizes. 

Streamline your workout space with the convenient built-in weight storage, allowing enthusiasts to quickly adjust plates without cluttering your gym or workout facility. Embrace the transformative power of dynamic adjustment inherent in the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®, meticulously crafted to enhance comfort and security by adapting to your body's natural posture and flexibility. Don't just envision it – embark on the journey and DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE! 

 Hoist Commercial Shoulder Press Machine Plate Loaded Key Features: 

  • Experience the dynamic movement facilitated by Roc-it® technology, gently rocking the user backward as the press-arms ascend, closely mimicking the natural motion of a dumbbell or barbell shoulder press while minimizing strain on the shoulder joints. 
  • Benefit from the versatility of independent, converging press-arms, ensuring a smooth and natural range of motion during each repetition. 
  • Customize your grip for optimal comfort and effectiveness with the contoured press-arm handles, offering multiple positions to accommodate users of varying sizes. 
  • Keep your workout area organized and clutter-free with ample built-in weight storage, providing convenient access to plates while optimizing space in your gym or workout facility.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT 182kg (402 lbs)  
  • MAX STORAGE 163kg (360 lbs)  
  • MAX CAPACITY 363kg (800 lbs)