Impact Fitness IG-1 Compact Home Gym
Impact Fitness IG-1 front shot
Impact Fitness IG-1 back rest mid shot
Impact Fitness IG-1 left shot
Impact Fitness IG-1 lat pulldown
Impact Fitness IG-1 peck deck close up
Impact Fitness IG-1 bottom shot
Impact Fitness IG-1 row
Impact Fitness IG-1 cables and pulleys

Impact Fitness

Impact Fitness IG-1 Compact Home Gym

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New to fitness or just starting out with strength training? the Impact Fitness IG-1 Compact Home Gym is an excellent entry-level option. With its user-friendly design and adjustable resistance levels, it's easy to get started and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you progress. The IG-1 offers a full-body workout and allows you to target specific muscle groups, making it an ideal choice for beginners who want to establish a solid foundation of strength and fitness.

Chest Press / Peck Deck

IG-1 has a 2in1 chest press for peck deck movement, with 2 rubber handles offering varied grip positions to target chest muscles. No need to change for the chest fly, just grab the rubber pads.

Lat Pull Down

Lat pulldown is a great exercise that targets your lats / upper back along with your arms and forearms to help build upper body strength. The IG-1 features an ultra-smooth lat pulldown with a wide grip lat pulldown bar attachment. This allows you to perform wide grip, close grip and underhand pulldowns exercises.

Leg Extension / Hamstring Curls

Leg extensions & hamstring curls is a great exercise that isolates the quads and builds strong legs. The IG-1 features a comfortable leg extension with soft pads allowing you to perform leg extensions and standing hamstring curls

Back Row / Curl Station

The IG-1 also features a lower back row/curl pulley station. This multifunctional station allows you to perform seat back rows and bicep curls with the revolving straight bar attachment that’s included. This station can also be used to perform bent-over rows and shrugs using various attachments.


  • Max resistance: 126LBS (57kg)
  • Weight Stack: 95LBS 
  • Pulley Ratio: 1:1 for true weight feel
  • Easy selection between Chest press/Pec Deck function
  • Lat pull-down with attachment included
  • Bicep/back row attachment
  • Leg extensions with 4 padded foams
  • Easy installation
  • Compact great for small rooms