PTP Mediband Heavy
PTP Mediband Heavy
PTP Mediband Heavy
PTP Mediband Heavy


PTP Mediband Heavy

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The Heavy MediBand, with its substantial 8.8 kg tension, is a powerhouse of resistance, designed to elevate your fitness journey. Offering versatility in exercise directions and angles, it enhances motor coordination and sports performance. Crafted with over 40 meticulously curated exercises by a Pilates expert, this band targets every muscle group, rectifying imbalances and contributing to injury prevention. Whether you seek to bolster muscular strength, improve flexibility, correct posture, or stabilize joints, the Heavy MediBand proves to be a multifaceted tool. Its compact and portable design ensures you can maintain your strength regimen even when space is limited or while traveling. Additionally, it serves as an ideal companion for functional training, optimizing sports performance, and maintaining overall mobility, making it a valuable asset for individuals recovering from common injuries affecting the shoulders, back, or hamstrings.

The Heavy MediBand is your go-to solution for functional training, sports performance enhancement, injury prevention, and overall fitness. It efficiently targets muscular strength, flexibility, posture, and joint stability, providing a comprehensive workout experience. Whether you're working out at home, outdoors, or on the go, its compact nature ensures fitness knows no bounds. With its progressive resistance, thanks to premium latex construction, it offers a safe and effective training solution to not only burn fat but also improve bone mass and help prevent conditions like osteoporosis. This versatile band aligns with the principles of both REHAB and POWER, catering to your needs for enhanced mobility, injury prevention, whole-body conditioning, strength, and fat burning.

Key Features:

  • Sports performance, mobility, injury prevention
  • Strength, flexibility, posture, joints
  • Home, outdoors, travel
  • 40+ exercises, whole-body
  • Fat burn, bone health
  • Premium latex | 15x180 cm
  • REHAB: Mobility, injury prevention
  • POWER: Conditioning, muscle, fat burn