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Reeplex Commercial Olympic Barbell Rack Vertical

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The Reeplex Commercial Olympic Barbell Rack Vertical is a versatile and practical storage solution for gyms of all sizes. Its sleek and sturdy design allows you to efficiently organize and store up to six Olympic-sized barbells, freeing up valuable floor space and preventing clutter.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this barbell rack withstands the rigors of daily use and endures long-lasting performance.Its compact footprint makes it easy to place in any corner of your gym, while its vertical orientation ensures easy access to your barbells whenever you need them. Reeplex Commercial Olympic Barbell Rack Vertical: A must-have for fitness enthusiasts and gym owners seeking to optimize space and equipment.

Key Features

  • Stores 9 Olympic barbells
  • 9 x Plastic Inserts protect Olympic barbells when stored
  • Wide base for extra stability
  • Strong Steel frame constriction
  • Black high-quality powder coating
  • Can be anchored to the ground