Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer + Attachments + Adjustable Bench
Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer + Attachments + Adjustable Bench
cx3 side view
cx3 pulleys
cx3 smith machine
cx3 pull up handles
cx3 leg press attachment
cx3 attachment rack
cx3 jammer arms
cx3 smith springs
cx3 smith machine 2
cx3 weight stack
cx3 weight stack with plate attachment
cx3 barbell holder
cx3 foot plate
cx3 seat
cx3 attachments
cx3 attachments 2
Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer + Attachments + Adjustable Bench
Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer + Attachments + Adjustable Bench

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Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer + Attachments + Adjustable Bench

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Introducing the versatile Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer with 2 x 120kg weight stacks. This high-quality piece of gym equipment is a must-have for those looking to get the most out of their workout routine. 


The CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer offers an unparalleled strength training experience. Boasting two 120kg (264lb) weight stacks made of durable steel, this machine provides a wide range of weight options with 5kg increments. 

Its dual pulley system allows for easy height adjustments across 22 levels, making it ideal for a variety of exercises including cable crossovers and cable bicep curls. The weight stack glides effortlessly on two dual-round guide rods, providing you with commercial-grade cable resistance that is smooth and quiet. 


The Smith Machine is equipped with a high-quality linear sealed bearing system, ensuring smooth barbell travel during exercises like squats, bench presses, rows, and lunges. This advanced system minimizes friction and promotes a fluid lifting motion, allowing you to focus on your technique and form. The CX3 also comes with a safety catch, providing added security during intense workouts where you want to push yourself to the limit and complete every rep to failure.


The CX3's squat rack is adjustable and ideal for barbell exercises. J-hooks and spotter's arms have rubber coatings for added protection. The pull-up bar features premium rubber handles for comfortable use, and the dip bars are removable for storage. The heavy frame weight provides stability and safety for pull-ups and dips.


Unlock the full potential of your workout routine with the CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer and its comprehensive set of 8 cable attachments. Get your hands on the D handles, dual training bars, tricep rope, bicep curl bar, ankle strap, seated row bar, and landmine bar attachment for a complete workout experience.

These attachments are designed to work seamlessly with the CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer, providing endless exercise options targeting every muscle group. Upgrade your workout routine with the CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer and its versatile attachment package.


Get more out of your workout with the CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer's exclusive leg press, jammer arms, and lat pulldown attachments. This all-in-one machine offers a complete workout experience, with knee-locking pads and a variety of exercises to choose from. 

Leg press targets lower body, jammer arms and lat pulldown provide full upper body workout with Reeplex CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer. Achieve your fitness goals with the CX3 Multi-Functional Trainer and its unparalleled attachment package.


The Reeplex CX3 comes conveniently with the WB65 adjustable bench. This adjustable FID bench includes an adjustable preacher curl pad and leg developer. This bench also includes thick heavy-duty cushions with lower back arch support, anti-slip rubber feet, and premium powder coating.


  • Power up your workout with the 2 x 120kg (264LB) steel machined weight stack, incremented by 5kg for maximum versatility.
  • 2:1 Pulley Ratio
  • With 1-22 levels of pulley height adjustment, you can customize your workout to target any muscle group.
  • The linear bearing ultra-glide™ Smith machine is rated to 200kg, ensuring smooth and safe movements throughout your workout.
  • The adjustable pulley cable crossover system lets you perform a variety of exercises with ease and efficiency.
  • The squat rack with spotter arms is rated to 400kg, making it the perfect companion for heavy lifting.
  • The heavy-duty 2000lbs rated commercial cables and commercially sealed bearing pulleys provide durability and long-lasting performance.
  • The magnetic selector pin allows for quick and easy weight changes during your workout.
  • The heavy-duty frame features a premium powder coating for ultimate protection against wear and tear.
  • Dual guide rods ensure weight stack travels correctly. Multi-grip pull-up bar with rubber for comfort and security.
  • Rubber base feet provide anti-slip protection and stability during your workout. The spring-loaded pins enable quick and effortless adjustments of pulleys, so you can switch between exercises without missing a beat.
  • Weight stack safety steel covers offer added protection and safety during your workout.
  • Adjustable Bench Included 


  • 7 Stages of adjustment including decline, flat, incline, and shoulder press
  • Preacher Pad with adjustable height options
  • Leg extension/hamstring curl plate loaded
  • Accepts Olympic / standard weight plates
  • Thick cushions with lumbar lower back arch support
  • Seat adjusts with backrest for ultimate comfort in any position
  • Rubber anti-slip feet
  • Strong stable frame with premium powder coat