silver treadmill care kit
The Fitness Doctor Silver Treadmill Kit
The Fitness Doctor Silver Treadmill Kit
The Fitness Doctor Silver Treadmill Kit
The Fitness Doctor Silver Treadmill Kit

The Fitness Doctor

The Fitness Doctor Silver Treadmill Kit

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The Silver Treadmill Kit is an easy-to-use package designed to help maintain your treadmill and ensure that it functions at its best. The kit includes a lubricant bottle and an applicator wand that makes it easy to apply the lubricant evenly across the entire surface of the treadmill running deck.

The applicator wand ensures that the lubricant is distributed evenly, preventing over-lubrication or missed spots that could cause damage to the treadmill or result in uneven wear. The lubricant helps reduce friction between the running belt and the deck, which not only ensures smoother operation but also helps prolong the life of the treadmill.

With the Silver Treadmill Kit, you can quickly and easily lubricate your treadmill and get back to achieving your fitness goals. The kit is suitable for use with a wide range of treadmill models and is designed to be easy to use, even for those who are not particularly mechanically inclined.

Regular lubrication with the Silver Treadmill Kit can help reduce the risk of costly repairs, prolong the life of your treadmill, and keep it running smoothly and quietly. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting, the Silver Treadmill Kit is an essential accessory that can help you get the most out of your workout sessions.


- 1x Lubricant applicator wand

- 3x Satchels of lubricant

- 1x Instruction guide

- Treadmill lubricant applicator wand durable & flexible

- 64cm applicator wand evenly applies the lubricant

- Helps prolong the life of the drive motor, walking belt & walking deck

- Treadmill lubricant needs to be applied every 24-40 hours of treadmill running time