PTP Total Resistance System
PTP Total Resistance System


PTP Total Resistance System

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The Total Resistance System (TRS) is a highly adaptable and user-friendly fitness solution that caters to individuals of all fitness levels. With its diverse range of resistance tubes, Power Handles, and ankle straps, the TRS offers the flexibility to engage in both upper and lower body workouts. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor training, the included anchors allow you to exercise anywhere, anytime. The TRS's five distinct levels of resistance tubes are perfectly suited for holistic body training, enhancing muscular strength, endurance, and muscle growth. What sets the TRS apart is its built-in Safety inner cord, ensuring a secure and worry-free resistance training experience. Plus, the ability to adjust resistance by adding or removing tubes provides a customizable workout tailored to your fitness goals.

The TRS package encompasses a plethora of features and benefits to elevate your fitness journey. The Powertube Elite Ultra Light is ideal for gentle muscle toning, making it suitable for beginners. Stepping up, the Powertube Elite Light is designed to enhance muscle strength and endurance. For those seeking substantial progress, the Powertube Elite Medium offers strength, endurance training, and muscle growth promotion. The Powertube Elite Heavy takes the intensity up a notch, delivering increased strength and endurance potential. Lastly, the Powertube Elite Ultimate is tailored for advanced individuals, offering intensified strength, endurance training, and muscle growth. This comprehensive pack includes a detailed exercise guide, a convenient drawstring training bag, five resistance tubes, PTP power handles, PTP ankle straps, and PTP indoor/outdoor anchors, ensuring you have all you need to embark on a fulfilling fitness journey with the TRS.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Light: Toning
  • Light: Strength & Endurance
  • Medium: Growth & Training
  • Heavy: Intense Training
  • Ultimate: Advanced Growth