Squat Rack Packages

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Squat Rack Packages

We all know Squats are one of the best exercises for the body, being a compound exercise meaning multiple muscle groups and ligaments are recruited to perform the movement. When it comes to lifting heavier you want some support and getting that bar off the floor and onto your back can be tricky and dangerous. This is where a Squat Rack comes into play and is one of the simplest and effective structures to add to your workout room to push your training to that next level.

Here art Dynamo Fitness we stock only the best in quality and design when it comes to Squat Racks. Being made from thick steel tubing, our Squat Racks not only will last but also look the part with their metallic powder coating finish. You can pair your Squat Rack with Bars, Weights, and Benches to complete your work with our selection of packages to suit your needs.

Whenever possible we encourage our buyers to come in store and try hands on for yourself which combination would work best for you. Being able to see an array of options on our show room floor can help bring confidence to your purchase knowing this is the right set up for you and your needs. Our staff are highly qualified and can help steer you in the right direction of what combination of equipment would work best for you and your goals.

Choosing a Squat Rack and weights has never been easier. Come instore and checkout these packages and much more, we have showrooms full of gym equipment in both Melbourne and Perth. Our staff are always on hand to answer questions and show demonstrations of all of our equipment. With home delivery options no mater your order size, we here at Dynamo Fitness are your number one when it comes to all your health and fitness needs.