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Bodyworx EFX420 16" Front Drive Cross TrainerBodyworx EFX420 16" Front Drive Cross Trainer
Bodyworx EFX420 16" Front Drive Cross Trainer
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Proform Hiit HL TrainerProform Hiit HL Trainer
Proform Hiit HL Trainer
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Proform Cardio HIIT H14Proform Cardio HIIT H14
Proform Cardio HIIT H14
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image of Inspire CR2.5 Cross RowerInspire CR2.5 Cross Rower
Inspire CR2.5 Cross Rower
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Spirit CE800+ Elliptical TrainerSpirit CE800+ Elliptical Trainer
Reeplex E22 Commercial Elliptical Trainer with LED Display
e22 maine22 with model
CE900ENT Elliptical mainCE900ENT Elliptical centre shot
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Bodyworx EFX580 Programable Cross TrainerBodyworx EFX580 Programable Cross Trainer
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Reeplex E22 Commercial Elliptical with 10" Touchscreen DisplayReeplex E22 Commercial Elliptical with 10" Touchscreen Display

When searching for the perfect cross trainer, you'll be presented with two widely-known options. And they are front drive ellipticals and rear drive ellipticals.

While both types of cross-trainers can offer you a tough workout, there are a few significant differences to consider. Particularly in terms of stride length, motion, and adjustability.

For example, front-drive elliptical machines are typically more affordable and compact. Whereas rear-drive models have a more organic feel and are perfect for those who love to exercise on ellipticals.

Front drive cross trainers are quite popular and come with a flywheel mechanism. It is located at the front of the machine offering levels of resistance similar to that of a stair climber.

These cross trainers are often designed with light flywheels. These make them affordable, and leaning forward creates the elliptical motion.

Front Drive Ellipticals - Why You Must Use It?

Elliptical trainers have been a popular choice for home gym body workouts due to their versatility and smooth operation. There are different types of fitness equipment available in the market. However, fitness front drive models have stood the test of time and remain a popular choice to reach fitness goals.

The Benefits - Why You Must Use It?

The defining feature of front drive elliptical trainers is the location of the flywheel or drive system of front drive machine. This design ensures that the weight of the user is centered behind the flywheel.

As a result, the front-drive machine also engages different muscle groups of the upper and lower body and helps burn more calories and body fat with a full body workout. It is similar to the stance used while using a stair climber, which engages the lower body muscles effectively.

The adjustable compact pedals, handlebar, longer stride and incline ramp in front drive trainers provide a challenging workout for the users. While some models offer manual adjustments, most of them come with a preset incline.

However, this design also means that there are more moving parts in front drive trainers, which may require additional maintenance. But, front drive ellipticals are also relatively durable and reliable, and their affordability makes them an attractive option for those on a budget.

Check out and buy the Bodyworx EFX420 and Bodyworx EFX 650 trainers for a total body workout and a smooth ride.

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