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Bodyword JTC150 Challenger Series TreadmillBodyword JTC150 Challenger Series Treadmill
Bodyworx Challenger 1.5hp Treadmill
Sale price$1,100.00 Regular price$1,399.00
Save $1,250
Proform Trainer 8.5 TreadmillProform Treadmill Trainer 8.5
Proform Treadmill Trainer 8.5
Sale price$1,249.00 Regular price$2,499.00
Save $500
Reeplex Atlas 3.0 Treadmill with 7" TouchscreenReeplex Atlas 3.0 Treadmill with 7" Touchscreen
Reeplex Atlas 3.0 Treadmill with 7" Touchscreen
Sale price$1,399.99 Regular price$1,900.00
Save $180
Bodyworx JTC175 Challenger Series TreadmillBodyworx JTC175 Challenger Series Treadmill
Bodyworx Challenger 1.75hp Treadmill
Sale price$1,619.10 Regular price$1,799.00
Save $503
Bodyworx JTC200 Challenger Series Treadmill Bodyworx JTC200 Challenger Series Treadmill
Bodyworx Challenger 2.0hp Treadmill
Sale price$1,795.50 Regular price$2,299.00
Save $600
Bodyworx JTC250 Challenger Series Treadmill Bodyworx JTC250 Challenger Series Treadmill
Bodyworx Challenger 2.5hp Treadmill
Sale price$1,999.00 Regular price$2,599.00
Save $650
Bodyworx Challenger 300 Treadmill with 3.0hp Powerful MotorBodyworx Challenger 300 Treadmill with 3.0hp Powerful Motor
Bodyworx Challenger 3.0hp Treadmill
Sale price$2,349.00 Regular price$2,999.00
Save $1,000
BodyWorx Challenger 400 Treadmill BodyWorx Challenger 400 Treadmill Monitor
BodyWorx Challenger 400 Treadmill
Sale price$3,999.00 Regular price$4,999.00
Save $1,201
NordicTrack X22i Treadmill with 22" HD TouchscreenNordicTrack X22i Treadmill with 22" HD Touchscreen
NordicTrack X22i Treadmill with 22" HD Touchscreen
Sale price$4,299.00 Regular price$5,500.00
Save $1,200
Reeplex T200 Light Commercial TreadmillReeplex T200 Light Commercial Treadmill - display
Reeplex T200 Commercial Treadmill Motion Series
Sale price$5,500.00 Regular price$6,700.00
Sold out
Proform Carbon t10 1Proform Carbon t10 2
Proform Carbon T10 Treadmill
Regular price$2,899.00
Sold out
NordicTrack T9.5 MainNordicTrack T9.5  console
Sold out
Reeplex Titan 2.0 Treadmill with 10" Touch Screen Reeplex Titan 2.0 Treadmill with 10" Touch Screen

Best Treadmills for Sale Sydney



At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we have opened a 700sqm megastore full of our latest treadmills on display, perfectly located to cover all suburbs in Sydney. We stock compact home treadmills, big treadmills, and commercial treadmills with a great warranty cover, catering to all your exercise equipment needs in Sydney. 

At Dynamo Fitness, the difference when shopping with us is that we know treadmills; we will walk you through every feature of every treadmill and ensure you get the best match for your home. We also stock commercial treadmills designed for home gyms and large commercial gyms with great technology built in and backed by a commercial warranty.


We have put together the best interactive touchscreen treadmills with Reeplex and Proform treadmills offering 7" to 14" touchscreen HD displays, perfect for those choosing a quality treadmill. The Reeplex Titan treadmill features a 10" display with Wi-Fi and apps, including YouTube, Chrome, Spotify, and more. 

Visit our Sydney showroom and speak to our staff about these great treadmills with any questions. Need to find out more? Why not read our treadmill buying guide blog to learn more?

Treadmill Maintenance

Purchasing an incline treadmill, electric treadmill, or folding treadmill in Sydney might be easy; now it's time to maintain your running machine gym equipment. To keep your treadmill running smoothly, we recommend using a Treadmill belt silicon oil spray. This extends the life of your belt and reduces friction. 

Our Sydney team is here to help you with any other maintenance issues. Contact us today to learn more about our new treadmill options and special sales in Sydney.

Best Deals for Home Gym Workout with Exercise Machines - Folding & Incline Treadmills

A Diverse Range of High-Quality Treadmills

  • Home Use: Discover compact treadmills that fit seamlessly into any space without compromising power. Our range includes folding designs for easy storage, which are ideal for those with limited space but unlimited fitness goals.
  • Commercial Grade: Equip your gym with durable, high-performance treadmills designed to withstand heavy use. From models with robust motors to those featuring extensive workout libraries, we cater to the demands of busy commercial environments.
  • Advanced Technology Models: Experience the latest treadmill innovation with touchscreens, internet connectivity, and immersive workout programs. Our treadmills offer virtual running environments, fitness tracking, and integration with popular fitness apps.
  • Customizable Workout Options: With various pre-set programs, user-customizable settings, and adjustable inclines and speeds, our treadmills cater to every fitness level, from beginners to elite athletes.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: We are proud to offer treadmills, including foldable treadmills that are energy efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of your fitness regime. These models feature low power consumption and a sustainable design without sacrificing performance.
  • Safety Features: Your safety is paramount, so our treadmills come with safety keys, emergency stop buttons, and cushioned decks to minimize impact on joints.
  • Inclusive Options: Our selection includes treadmills catering to various abilities, including wider belts for added stability and handrails for those requiring extra support.

Expert Guidance and Personalized Delivery and Installation

Our staff doesn't just sell treadmills; they're dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness objectives. By understanding your personal goals, space requirements, and budget, we provide tailored recommendations that ensure you find the perfect treadmill to fit your lifestyle and fitness journey.

Need Help Buying a Treadmill in Sydney?

At our Seven Hills store, our friendly staff is on hand to help you select the right treadmill. Our Sydney showroom is open 7 days a week, with our team ready to answer any questions. We stock and deliver across Sydney with our fast courier service. Call us today to speak to our team.