Bodyworx Dumbbell & Weight Plate Storage Rack left side view
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Bodyworx Dumbbell & Weight Plate Storage Rack

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Introducing the Bodyworx Compact Multi-Storage Function Gym Organizer - the ultimate solution for all your gym equipment organization needs! This intelligently designed storage system is specifically crafted to enhance your workout experience with its innovative features and maximized storage capacity.

With a smart and efficient design, this Compact Rack makes the most of every inch of space. Say goodbye to cluttered gym corners and hello to an organized, spacious workout area. If you have a home gym space, our compact storage solution is a perfect fit.

Bodyworx Dumbbell & Weight Plate Storage Rack Key Features

  • 3-Layer Dumbbell Storage Trays: This rack has three convenient dumbbell storage trays. These trays are intelligently designed with a rational angle, allowing for effortless retrieval and placement of your dumbbells. These trays keep your dumbbells neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • 4x Plate Holder: Embrace versatility with our four plate holders compatible with Olympic Plates and Bumpers. Now you can conveniently store your weight plates securely and organised, ensuring a clutter-free workout area.
  • 2x Barbell Holder with Nylon Sleeve: Your barbells deserve the best protection, and our Bodyworx Compact rack ensures just that. The two dedicated barbell holders have nylon sleeves to safeguard your barbells from scratches and damage, providing peace of mind while keeping your gym space tidy.