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image of Ski Trainer with Floor StandBodyworx Ski Trainer with Floor Stand
Bodyworx Ski Trainer with Floor Stand
Sale price$1,489.00 Regular price$1,998.00
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Pure Design Commercial Ski TrainerPure Design Commercial Ski Trainer
Pure Design Commercial Ski Trainer
Sale price$1,599.00 Regular price$1,799.00
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E685 Arm CycleE685 Arm Cycle
Upper Body Ergometer E685 Arm Cycle
Sale price$3,993.00 Regular price$4,499.00
e750 ergometer mainUBE E750 Cycle monitor
Cycle Ergometer UBE E750
Sale price$5,417.50
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Medical Upper Body Ergometer Ube E950Medical Upper Body Ergometer Ube E950
Medical Upper Body Ergometer Ube E950
Sale price$6,248.00 Regular price$6,980.00

Shop Ski Trainers & Ergometers in Australia

Dynamo Fitness Equipment offers the best Ski Trainers and Ergometers in Australia. Melding technological innovation with ergonomic design, our curated collection caters to diverse fitness goals and needs. Explore our diverse range of workout machines, specially designed to bring the rigor and thrill of outdoor activities to the comfort of your personal space.

What are Ski Trainers?

A Ski Trainer is more than just a piece of gym equipment. It's a ticket to harnessing the unparalleled cardio and muscular benefits of cross-country skiing without stepping foot in the snow. Designed meticulously to mirror the motions of skiing, these machines offer users a dynamic, low-impact, full-body workout. It engages both your upper and lower body muscles in synchrony, driving up your fitness levels like never before.

Benefits of Working Out With Ski Trainers

Full-body workout: A Ski Trainer targets both upper and lower body muscle groups, offering a comprehensive workout solution.

Low-impact: Ideal for individuals wary of joint issues, Ski Trainers minimize impact while maximizing gains.

Indoor Convenience: No need to wait for the snow season. With a Ski Trainer, simulate cross-country skiing in your own space, be it home or gym.

Cardiovascular Mastery: Strengthen your heart and lungs while boosting stamina and burning a significant amount of calories.

What are Ergometers?

Ergometers serve a plethora of needs, from helping athletes ramp up their upper body strength to aiding wheelchair users in enhancing cardiovascular prowess, ergometers are versatile marvels. What makes our range of ergometers stand out is their exceptional design. They adjust seamlessly from horizontal to vertical, owing to an internal gas-assist mechanism.

This flexibility lets you choose between a standing or seated exercise routine. And for our wheelchair users, our unique ergometer design allows the chair to detach, so you can roll onto the platform effortlessly.

The Benefits of Ergometers

Customizable Training: With options for both standing and seated exercises, ergometers cater to a diverse set of training needs.

Adaptable: The unique gas-assist mechanism offers fluidity and ease in adjustments, suiting various body types and requirements.

Inclusive: Dynamo's ergometers are designed keeping wheelchair users in mind, ensuring no one misses out on achieving their fitness goals.

Upper Body Excellence: Concentrating on the arms, shoulders, and back, ergometers are perfect for those aiming to amplify upper body strength and endurance.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Struggling to decide which cardio machine suits your needs best? We, at Dynamo Fitness Equipment, stand out as your trusted fitness advisors. Our commitment is to guide you to the best fitness choices.

At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we don't just sell products; we share expertise. Our understanding of fitness equipment is unparalleled. Whether you’re a budding athlete or a fitness enthusiast, we have a product tailored for you.

Our friendly team across three prime locations—Sydney, Melbourne & Perth—is always on hand to assist and guide you. Make informed decisions with us by your side. Integrity is our hallmark. Expect nothing but genuine, honest advice every time you interact with us.

Shop Ski Trainers & Ergometer Now

Don't wait for the perfect moment; create it. Amplify your fitness journey with the finest Ski Trainers & Ergometers from Dynamo Fitness Equipment. Reach out now! Whether you want to visit one of our three mega stores or prefer a direct conversation, we're here for you. Contact us and elevate your fitness routine today.