Harbinger Ab Roller Carver Pro wth Knee Pad
Harbinger Ab Carver Pro with knee pads
Harbinger Ab Carver Pro carbon steel spring
Harbinger Ab Carver Pro performance grips
Harbinger Ab Carver Pro knee pads
Harbinger Ab Carver Pro movement


Harbinger Ab Roller Carver Pro wth Knee Pad

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The Harbinger Ab Carver Pro is an ab wheel with a patented design that improves the effectiveness of ab exercises and helps to engage and strengthen muscles in the back, chest, arms, and core.
The Harbinger Ab Carver Pro utilizes a kinetic engine consisting of a robust carbon steel spring, which provides resistance during the roll-out motion and assistance when rolling back, intensifying abdominal and arm exercises. Its Ab Carver Pro is equipped with an exceptionally wide wheel tread, enhancing stability during lateral movements for targeting oblique muscles. Additionally, the ergonomically designed hand grips are strategically angled to effectively engage the arm and core muscles.

Harbinger Ab Carver Pro Features

  • Ultra-wide ab roller with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring to provide resistance and amplify abdominal and arm workout
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers stability when carving left, right or center.
  • Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles
  • Removable handles for easy storage and transport
  • Includes high-density foam kneepad for superior comfort