Hoist Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine Plate Loaded


Hoist Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine Plate Loaded

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Experience the HOIST® Lat Pulldown, engineered with state-of-the-art ROX™ technology to effectively target lats, upper back, and overall body strength while maintaining safety and form akin to a pull-up. This innovative ROC-IT unit elevates the seat and rocks the body backward, preventing lower back hyperextension for a secure workout. 

Benefit from independent, diverging, and counter-balanced pull arms that mimic natural motion, reducing stress on shoulder joints and enabling a low starting weight. Self-aligning handles with multiple grips cater to various arm lengths and body sizes, ensuring personalized comfort and effectiveness. 

Streamline your workout space with generous built-in weight storage, allowing enthusiasts to effortlessly adjust plates while keeping the gym tidy and maximizing space. Embrace dynamic adjustment tailored to your body's natural posture and flexibility, the hallmark of the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®. Embark on the journey and seize the opportunity to Immerse yourself in the adventure! 

 Hoist Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine Plate Loaded Key Features: 

  • Delve into triceps perfection with ROC-IT® technology, mirroring the precise motion of a bar dip for optimal results.  
  • Initiate your workout with a gentle forward lean, seamlessly transitioning into a backward rock to align with the press arm's path.  
  • Customize your grip with width-adjustable exercise handles, ensuring precise positioning and alleviating shoulder strain.  
  • Keep your workout area clutter-free with ample built-in weight storage, simplifying plate access and maintaining an organized space. 
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT 138kg (305 lbs)  
  • MAX STORAGE 327kg (720 lbs)  
  • MAX CAPACITY 363kg (800 lbs)