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Impact Fitness

Impact Fitness MF10 Multi-Trainer with Adjustable Bench

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The Impact Fitness MF10 Multi-Trainer is a compact and versatile machine built to enhance your home training. This machine features a multi-functional design allowing you to have a full body workout in a small footprint. Its dual 50kg weight stack expandable to up to 90kg using a weight stack post is perfect for individuals looking to advance their fitness journey. This machine is unique in that it is compatible with both Olympic or standard weight plates and the inclusion of a bench and wide variety of accessories allows you to have everything you need to start training right away. 


The Smith Machine boasts a top-notch linear sealed bearing system, guaranteeing seamless barbell movement in exercises such as squats, bench presses, rows, and lunges. This sophisticated system reduces friction, facilitating a smooth lifting motion that enables you to concentrate on refining your technique and form. 


Cable crossover exercises are crucial for targeted muscle work, rehabilitation, and strength-building. The functional trainer employs Aircraft-grade high tensile cables through Impact Fitness ProGlide® pulleys, ensuring a smooth, friction-free system. Adjustable dual pulley swivels with 22 height levels allow seamless transitions between exercises, such as tricep pushdowns and bicep curls, facilitating efficient super sets for comprehensive arm development.


The squat rack on the MF10 is adjustable, making it perfect for barbell exercises. J-hooks and spotter's arms come with rubber coatings for additional protection. Rubber handles on the pull-up bar ensure a comfortable grip, and the dip bars are detachable for easy storage. 


The MF10 comes with a wide variety of attachments allowing you to unlock the machine's full potential and enhance your exercises by enabling you to target muscle groups. The MF10 comes with 2 J-hooks, 2 spotter arms, 1.3m straight bar, 1.3m EZ curl bar, 2 rubber D-handles, ankle strap, leg support cushions, torsonator, barbell row, and 2 adjustable dip bars. 

Impact Fitness MF10 Functional Trainer Key Features

  • 2 x 50kg Weight Stacks with Weight Plate posts to increase each weight stack up to 90kg
  • Accepts both Olympic and standard Weight Plates
  • Easy locking roller bearing Smith machine
  • Smith machine barbell Weight 15kg
  • Adjustable Cable Crossover Functional Trainer
  • The 2:1 Pulley Ratio allows the perfect weight increment for each exercise
  • Squat rack with 2 x j-hooks and 2 x spotter arms with hard rubber
  • 14 high-quality attachments: 2 J-hooks, 2 spotter arms, 1.3m straight bar, 1.3m EZ curl bar, 2 rubber D-handles, ankle strap, leg support cushions, torsonator, barbell row, and 2 adjustable dip bars.
  • Attachment storage for all attachments
  • Weight plate & barbell storage post
  • Heavy Gauge frame construction combining 70x50x2mm & 50x50x2mm
  • Frame Weight 360kg

 Impact Fitness Adjustable Bench Key Features

  • 7 Adjustable angles for decline position to upright military press position
  • Adjustable preacher pad for bicep curls
  • Heavy-duty wide base frame construction
  • Additional support tubing in a flat position for maximum strength
  • Thick firm commercial cushions (70mm)
  • Easily adjustable backrest cushion
  • Easily adjustable seat cushion