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PTP Mediband Plus Pack
PTP Mediband Plus Pack
PTP Mediband Plus Pack
PTP Mediband Plus Pack
PTP Mediband Plus Pack


PTP Mediband Plus Pack

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The Mediband Plus Pack offers a comprehensive solution for resistance training, suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and objectives. This special combo pack includes three resistance levels – Light, Medium, and Heavy – making it perfect for those looking to improve mobility, tone muscles, build strength, and promote muscle growth. With its multi-layered latex construction, the Mediband provides progressive resistance, effectively conditioning muscles for functional and sports-specific movements.

Whether you're aiming to prevent injuries, enhance muscle endurance, or achieve muscle growth, the Mediband Plus Pack has you covered. The Mediband Light is ideal for strength training and injury prevention, while the Mediband Medium offers a balance between strength and endurance training. For those seeking increased strength and muscle endurance, the Mediband Heavy is the go-to choice. This versatile resistance set is complemented by a user-friendly exercise guide to help you maximize your workout results. Crafted from premium latex, these bands prioritize comfort and durability, ensuring a reliable fitness companion.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Resistance Levels
  • All Fitness Levels
  • Progressive Resistance
  • Strength & Mobility
  • Multi-Layered Latex
  • Injury Prevention
  • Muscle Growth
  • User-Friendly Guide
  • Premium Latex