Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Multi-Functional Trainer + Adjustable Bench + 100kg Coloured Bumper Plates + 7ft Barbell
CBtproCB front shot
CBTpro90 machine front shot
CBTpro90 top shot
CBtproCB top shot
CBtproCB smith and barbell
CBtproCB right mid shot
CBtproCB storage posts
CBTpro90 pull up handle
CBTpro90 dip bars
CBTpro90 height adjustment
CBTpro90 machine
CBTpro90 cable crossover
CBTpro90 knee pad
CBTpro90 weight stacks
CBtproCB mid shot
Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Multi-Functional Trainer + Adjustable Bench + 100kg Coloured Bumper Plates + 7ft Barbell
Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Multi-Functional Trainer + Adjustable Bench + 100kg Coloured Bumper Plates + 7ft Barbell
CBTpro90 attachments


Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Multi-Functional Trainer + Adjustable Bench + 100kg Coloured Bumper Plates + 7ft Barbell

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(ETA: Arriving Mid-June)
  • 1 x Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Multi-Functional Trainer with 2 x 90kg Weight Stacks
  • 1 x Reeplex RFID600 Adjustable Bench
  • 1 x 7ft Olympic 20kg Barbell 700 LBS Rating + Spring Clips
  • 2 x Reeplex 20kg Coloured Bumper Plate V2
  • 2 x Reeplex 15kg Coloured Bumper Plate V2
  • 2 x Reeplex 10kg Coloured Bumper Plate V2
  • 2 x Reeplex 5kg Coloured Bumper Plate V2


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The Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Functional Trainer is a fitness juggernaut at the forefront of innovation, crafted for unparalleled performance and versatility. This machine is not just a piece of equipment; it's your personal gateway to transforming your home into a dynamic gym environment. With multiple stations, it offers an all-encompassing full-body workout experience, ensuring you redefine your fitness journey right from the comfort of your own space.

Products In This Package Include:

Squat Rack

The CBT-PRO90 offers an adjustable squat rack that includes 2 x J-Cups and 2 x Spotter arms for added safety. Ideal for squats, deadlifts, rack pulls, and bench presses, this squat rack features J-hooks and spotters equipped with high-density rubber to safeguard your barbell during workouts.

Seated Row Station

The CBT-PRO90 features a seated row station located at the centre of the machine. Just like the lat pulldown, this station utilises both of the weight stacks which work in tandem to give you a maximum resistance of 180kg at a 2:1 pulley ratio. This station also includes 2 checkered footplates. 

Cable Cross Over

This machine features 2 highly adjustable cable cross over with commercially sealed bearings for the smoothest workouts. Each is adjustable horizontally and swivels to 8 fixed points not only allowing you to find the best position for your workout but also opening you up to more exercises.

Smith Machine

The Smith Machine features a linear sealed bearing system, ensuring a smooth barbell travel experience in exercises such as squats, bench presses, rows, and lunges. This sophisticated system reduces friction, facilitating a seamless lifting motion, and enabling you to concentrate on perfecting your technique. Additionally, the CBT-PRO90 is equipped with a safety catch for enhanced security during intense workouts, allowing you to push yourself to the limit and complete every rep with confidence.

2 x 90kg Weight Stacks

The Reeplex CBT-PRO90 features dual 90kg steel machined weight stacks which work independently as well as in tandem through the unique cable design of this machine enabling you to unlock a total maximum resistance of 180kg at a 2:1 pulley ratio. 

Reeplex CBT-PRO90 Features:

  • Heavy 180kg Steel Machined Weight Stack (2 x 90kg) Working in 
  • Linear Bearing Commercial Smith Machine Rated to 400kg
  • 2:1 Pulley Ratio 
  • Height and 8-Way Horizontal Adjustable Pulley System with Commercial Sealed Bearing Pulleys and a 2000LBS High Tensile Cable System
  • 6 Cable Pulleys (2x Lat Pulldown, 2x Seated Row, 2x Cable Crossover)
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar with Rubber Coated Handles
  • Dual Rock Climbing Pull Up Handles
  • 6 Weight Plate Post and Olympic Barbell Storage
  • Premium Black Powder Coating
  • Anti Slip Rubber Feet
  • Adjustable Seated Row Station with Checkered Foot Plate  
  • Heavy Duty 3-5mm Steel Frame and 50 x 50 Uprights
  • Adjustable Lat Pulldown Knee Pads with Thick Soft Cushion Pads
  • Cable Attachments Included: 2x D Handles, Lat Pulldown, Seated Row 

Reeplex RFID600 Adjustable Bench Key Features:

  • 6 Adjustments
  • Decline, 4 inclines and Upright Positions
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Quick-release pin adjustment
  • 2 Wheels for easy transport
  • Anti-slip rubber feet