commercial multi-gym with leg press
commercial multi-gym with leg press - leg extension and hamstring curl
commercial multi-gym with leg press - front view
commercial multi-gym with leg press - rear view
commercial multi-gym with leg press - dimensions


Reeplex Commercial Multi-Gym with Leg Press Machine

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The Reeplex commercial multi-gym with leg press machine is a uniquely designed machine that combines a range of workout stations into one compact design. Its forward leg press saves space and allows the user to access all the benefits of a leg press machine. 

Adjustable Chest Press Station

The chest press station maintains both quality and functionality without compromise. This multi-gym boasts a curved press arm equipped with two rubber grips. Its adjustable arms have seven different starting positions, catering to users of all types and effectively targeting the chest in diverse ways. The chest press arm is effortlessly adjustable with a spring-loaded mechanism, facilitating swift transitions between workouts.

6 Pulley Functional Training Pulley Station

This multi-gym features a central 6-pulley functional training station, ensuring versatile workout options. The pulleys rotate 360° to ensure optimal cable tracking. With two high pulleys ideal for iso-lateral lat pulldowns and overhead tricep extensions, two mid pulleys perfect for cable crossover, cable chest press, and rows, and two low pulleys providing optimal positions for seated rows or double bicep curls, this setup caters to a range of exercises. All pulleys operate smoothly with the 90kg steel weight stack, providing instant resistance with each repetition.

Vertical Leg Press Machine with Calf Press

The innovative forward-facing leg press machine integrated into this Reeplex multi-gym provides a space-efficient solution for enhancing leg muscle development. Using Reeplex advanced pulley ratio the resistance is up to 180kg. Its design incorporates a carriage that smoothly moves out from the press footplate, ensuring a seamless leg press motion with every repetition. The leg press footplate features a 61cm x 41cm rubber grip with a curved design, allowing for calf raises.

Revolutionary 2-in-1 Station: Leg Extension and Hamstring Curl

The standout feature of this exceptional home gym is its innovative 2-in-1 leg extension and hamstring curl machine positioned at the forefront. Transitioning between leg extension and hamstring curls is effortless, thanks to the conveniently placed spring-loaded pin within easy reach. This versatile station facilitates super-set workouts, seamlessly transitioning from leg extensions to hamstring curls for a comprehensive leg workout.

Versatile Functionality Tailored to Each User

A top-tier home gym must offer extensive adjustability to cater to users of varying heights and body types. The Reeplex commercial multi-gym stands out with its unparalleled range of adjustable settings. Beginning with the chest press station, users can adjust the seat height and backrest tilt angle to their preference. Moving to the chest press arms, there are 7 starting positions available for chest, incline, and shoulder press exercises. The lat pulldown pads can also be adjusted inwards and outwards, ensuring perfect knee pad positioning for lat pulldowns.


Reeplex Commercial Multi-Gym with Leg Press Machine Key Features

  • Heavy Duty 90kg Steel Machined Weight Stack
  • 4.5kg (10lbs) increments for a perfect weight every time
  • Vertical Leg Press Machine Included with up to 180kg of Resistance using Reeplex advanced pulley ratio 
  • 6 Cable Stations Allow for various high/mid/low pulley exercises
  • Unique Leg Extension & Hamstring Curl 2in1 Leg Developer
  • Adjustable Press Arm with Multi-Grip Rubber Handles
  • Adjustable Press arm angle to target chest and shoulders
  • Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown with two knee pads to lock lower body in
  • Adjustable backrest pad with adjustable seat cushion
  • Foot Pad with Anti-Slip rubber for low-body control
  • High-density upholstery with contoured backrest
  • Attachments Included: Lat Pulldown bar, 6 x Rubber "D'' handles, ankle strap 
  • Steel weight stack covers for protection with an exercise chart included