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Reeplex Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine

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Reeplex Iron Series Commercial pin loaded machines are built around a super-tough 100x50mm tubing construction and offer a range of features.

The Reeplex Pin Loaded Lat Pulldown Machine is a versatile and effective piece of equipment used for building upper back and arm strength in fitness settings such as gyms or home workout spaces. The machine is typically designed with a sturdy frame, an adjustable seat, and a weight stack that ranges from 70 to 100kg. 

Reeplex Pin Loaded Lat Pulldown Machine Key Features

  • Steel machined weight stacks with a precision centre hole
  • Premium 2-layer finish powder coating
  • Reeplex Pro PU upholstery durable cushions with HD stitching
  • Aluminum on all handles and pins lightweight and anti-rust
  • Magnetic selector pin
  • Weight stack covers for extra safety

Reeplex Iron Series Commercial Pin Lat Pulldown Machine Specifications

  • 90kg Steel machined weight stack
  • Increments of 4.5kg per plate
  • Magnetic selector pin
  • Dual counter-balanced arms
  • Adjustable seat spring-loaded cushion
  • Commercial sealed bearing pulleys
  • Rubber strong grip handles
  • Anti-slip rubber footplates

Assembly Dimensions

  • 1.36m (L) x 1.26m (W) x 1.92m (H)