image of the PRC9000 complete
side view image of prc9000 complete
image of PRC9000 squat rack
image of the PRC9000 Pull up handles
image of the prc9000 lat pulldown attachment
side view of the prc9000
prc9000 cable pulleys
prc9000 weight posts
prc9000 lat pulldown weight posts
prc9000 hooks
prc9000 attachments


Reeplex Power Rack + Cable Crossover Attachment and Lat Pulldown Attachment

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  • 1 x Reeplex PRC9000 Heavy Duty Power Rack
  • 1 x Prc9000 Cable Crossover Attachment
  • 1 x Reeplex Prc9000 Lat Pulldown + Seated Row Attachment


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The Reeplex PRC9000 heavy-duty power rack is great for many barbell exercises and is a must-have in any home/ garage gym set up. This power rack provides a safe and sturdy barbell racking method with spotter arms allowing you to push yourself in every workout.

With the addition of a cable crossover and lat pulldown attachment, the Reeplex PRC9000 heavy-duty power rack transforms into the ultimate multi-station home gym setup. These additional features greatly expand the range of exercises that can be performed, providing a comprehensive full-body workout experience.


Reeplex heavy-duty power rack with j-hooks and spotter's arms

- Reeplex PRC9000 cable crossover with high + low pulleys (Pair)

- Reeplex PRC9000 lat pulldown Attachment


- Heavy-duty Frame

- Super strong 400KG Rating

- 2 x J-hooks with rubber plating

- Heavy-duty square tubing spotter arms with rubber plating

- Multi-grip pull-up bar with Rubber grip handles

- 60x60mm heavy-duty uprights

- Numbering on uprights for easy j-hook adjustments

- Commercial bolts and locknuts to secure your rack together

- Quick & easy installation


- High and Low Pulley Options for a wide range of exercises

- 2.5m Width for a great range of motion while performing cable crossovers 

- Sealed Bearing Pulleys with 2000lbs tensile strength cables

- Spring base to reduce the impact of dropped cables

- Accepts Olympic 50mm and standard 25mm weight plates

- Dual Posts for even weight plate loading

- Spring clips to secure your plates


- Clever 2 in 1 design lat pulldown with low seated row pulley

- Plate Loaded Accepts Olympic or Standard Weight Plates

- Attachments Included: Lat Pulldown Bar, Bicep Curl Bar, Seated Row, Ankle Strap, Single ''D" handle

- Sealed bearing pulleys throughout

- Heavy Duty 2000lbs tensile strength 6mm cable with PVC rubber coating

- Dual Rear guide rods for smooth cable resistance

- Heavy 1:1 pulley ratio giving you true weight feel on lat pulldowns and seated row