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Reeplex Weight Stack Post

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Introducing the Reeplex Weight Stack Post Horn.  The ultimate accessory for your All-in-one Functional Trainer. By effortlessly attaching the magnetic pin horn to your machine, you'll break free from the constraints of weight stacks limits enabling you to progress in your weight training.

Magnetic Pin System: Our cutting-edge magnetic pin system allows you to effortlessly increase your load by adding extra weight plates. 

Customizable Load: If you've already maxed out the weight stack on your machine, this accessory allows you to add extra weight plates. For example, you can add an extra 60kg Olympic Plates, depending on the design of your weight plates.

Reeplex Weight Stack Post Features:

  • Allows Users to increase Weight Capacity of their Current Tunctional Trainer.
  • Add an Extra 60kg of Olympic Weights to your Weight Stack.
  • Steel Build for Durability
  • Rubber Stopper to Prevent Damages to your Weights and the Post