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Tricep Rope Pull Down Cable
Tricep Rope Pull Down Cable


Reeplex Tricep Rope Pull Down Cable

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Reeplex Tricep Rope Pull Down Cable cable attachments are very popular in the gym and for good reasons, they are an easy-to-use attachment with great muscle-building exercises available to help get bigger triceps, biceps and other muscles.

Reeplex Tricep Rope is built with strong woven rope and rubber ends for a secure grip. Ideal for tricep, bicep, and shoulder exercises, and compatible with most cable machines. A durable and versatile addition to any home or commercial gym.

Reeplex Tricep Rope Pull Down Cable Specifications

  • Commercial-grade build quality
  • Strong rubber ends for maximum comfort and grip strength
  • Thick woven fabric construction
  • Solid Steel collar for easy attachment
  • Build strong triceps with many exercises available