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Pure Design VR1 Water-Based RowerPure Design VR1 Water-Based Rower
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WaterRower A1 Home with Quick Start MonitorWaterRower A1 Home with Quick Start Monitor
WaterRower A1 Home with Quick Start Monitor
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Pure Design VR2 Water-Based RowerPure Design VR2 Water-Based Rower
Pure Design VR2 Water Rowing Machine
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Water Rower Club Commercial Rowing MachineWater Rower Club Commercial Rowing Machine
WaterRower Club Commercial Rowing Machine
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Water Rower Oak Rowing Machine with S4 Performance MonitorWater Rower Oak Rowing Machine with S4 Performance Monitor
WaterRower Oxbridge With S4 Performance MonitorWaterRower Oxbridge With S4 Performance Monitor
Water Rower Classic With S4 Performance Monitor American WalnutWater Rower Classic With S4 Performance Monitor American Walnut
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Waterrower Natural Dual Rail Rowing Machine WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine With S4 Performance Monitor

Get Full-Body Workout with Water Rowers

Rowing machines, often recognized as the ultimate full-body workout tools, have made their mark as indispensable components of a modern fitness regimen. At Dynamo Fitness Equipment, we pride ourselves in presenting a comprehensive collection of gym equipment, tailored to meet the diverse fitness needs of our clientele. Among the myriad of fitness instruments, the elegance, and efficiency of water rowers stand out distinctly.

What are Water Rowers?

Water rowers are not just another piece of gym equipment; they are the embodiment of seamless engineering that combines the natural rhythm of water with the consistency of a workout machine. Crafted predominantly with a luxurious wooden design, water rowers differentiate themselves from the traditional rowing machines with a water-filled flywheel, simulating the very sensation of rowing on a tranquil lake.

Every water rower at Dynamo Fitness Equipment boasts a meticulous design. The all-wood frame, forged in the United States from the finest materials, ensures longevity and a touch of sophistication. Coupled with adjustable foot straps, an ergonomically designed seat, and a grip handle tailored for comfort, our water rowers are truly the epitome of form meeting functionality.

Benefits of Water Rowers

Natural Resistance: The fluidity of water translates to smooth and natural resistance, enabling a low-impact, high-efficiency workout.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond their function, water rowers are a testament to artistic craftsmanship, seamlessly blending with your home's furniture.

Soothing Ambiance: Nothing beats the calming sound of water with each stroke, offering both a physical and mental therapeutic experience.

Versatility: Suitable for both beginners and seasoned rowers, thanks to its self-regulated resistance.

Water Rower Workouts

A workout on a water rower isn't merely about burning calories; it's an immersion. Engage multiple muscle groups, from your legs to your core and arms, in a holistic exercise regime.

Whether you're chasing intense HIIT sessions or meditative, steady strokes, water rowers cater to all. Plus, with each purchase, we provide a curated list of workout regimens to jumpstart your fitness journey.


How does a water rower differ from traditional rowing machines?

A water rower utilizes a water-filled flywheel, providing a natural and adjustable resistance similar to real rowing.

Can the water resistance be adjusted?

The resistance self-adjusts based on your rowing intensity. For increased resistance, row harder!

How often does the water need to be changed?

Ideally, adding purification tablets every 6 months will keep the water clear. Changing water is rarely necessary unless it becomes discolored.

What's the difference between dual rail and single rail water rowers?

Dual rail water rowers offer enhanced seat stability and generally accommodate a higher max user rating compared to single rail models.

Do water rowers require special maintenance?

Regular dusting, ensuring the water is purified, and checking for any parts that need tightening is generally sufficient.

Shop Water Rowers Now & Redefine Your Fitness Journey

Dynamo Fitness Equipment promotes a lifestyle, an experience. Our water rowers epitomize that philosophy. For those in Australia seeking unparalleled gym equipment that marries quality with design, look no further. Browse our expansive collection online, or better yet, feel the difference firsthand at our mega stores in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. Eager to dive into the world of water rowing? Contact us today for more information and let's embark on this fitness journey together.