Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter
Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter
Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter
Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter
Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter
Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter
Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter


Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter

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BexlyThe Bexly Blackhawk Electric Scooter has a newly designed locking mechanism, which makes it easier to transport the scooter when not in use. Additionally, the HEX Diamond display is a useful feature, providing riders with important information such as speed, gear, and remaining battery life. The display's brightness could also be helpful for riders in low-light conditions.

The Sports/Turbo mode is also an exciting feature for riders who want to experience maximum power and speed. It's worth noting that riders should always follow local regulations and guidelines when using electric scooters on public roads or paths.

Overall, the combination of high-performance power, advanced handling features, and useful display and locking mechanisms make the Bexly Blackhawk Pro a promising option for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile electric scooter.

Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter Features:

  • More power: The Blackhawk Pro has been designed to deliver high-performance power, which could be useful for commuting or longer rides.
  • Better handling: With advanced handling features, the scooter could be more comfortable to ride and easier to maneuver in different environments.
  • Bigger brakes: larger brakes could provide better stopping power, which is essential for safety.
  • HEX LCD display: The new display could provide useful information about speed, battery life, and other important metrics.
  • Quadruple coiled suspension: The suspension system could help to absorb bumps and shocks on rough terrain, providing a smoother ride.
  • 160mm rotor: This large rotor could help to increase braking power and make it easier to stop quickly.
  • Mechanical or Nutt Hydraulic brakes: Depending on the model, the Blackhawk Pro comes with either mechanical or hydraulic brakes, both of which could provide reliable stopping power.

Bexly BlackHawk Electric Scooter Specifications:

  • Motor – 2 x 1200 Watt Power
  • Battery – 52V 23Ah
  • 2 x 25A controller
  • Tyre size – 10 inch
  • Brakes – Dual Disk & Regenerative
  • Range – Up to 64kms
  • Suspension – Quad Spring Suspension
  • Front & rear LED Lights

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