Everlast Elite Punch Mitts

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Box with confidence with the highest quality Mitts around, the Everlast Elite Punch Mitts will take your workout to the next level. Everlast has Designed there Boxing Mitts to withstand the impact of the hardest of punches with maximize comfort for even the toughest of workouts. Featuring a curved shape that is engineered to catch the fist of a glove and reducing the shutter affect that is forced on the rest of the body. This glove also includes the Evergel Shock load protection on the palm of the Mitt for maximum impact absorption as well as thick wrist protection for comfort. The Strike zone has also been recessed for a better striking target and is a more eye-catching for the recipient. To Ensure a snug fit, this Mitt comes complete with a hook and loop adjustment strap that will lock the mitt down tight while in use. Also, with the mesh outer pockets features the Everdri Technology to encourage veneration and help keep your hands stay cool while working out. Made from premium leather means these gloves are constructed for longevity keeping you boxing all year round.

· Anatomically contoured and palm ball design

· Evergel lining and advanced lightweight multi-layered foam ensures hands, wrists and palms are supported and protected

· A mesh outer pocket with Everdri technology keeps the trainers hands cool during intense training

· Striking surface includes a recessed striking target

· Constructed with premium full-grain leather for long lasting durability