VIP Sport foam Plyometric box
VIP Sport Foam Plyometric box

VIP Sport

VIP Sport Foam Plyometric box

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An Australian-made Plyometric box made to last, Suitable for commercial and home use. The VIP Sport Foam Plyometric box is a must-have for anyone looking to incorporate plyometric exercises into their workout routine. Made from high-density foam, this box is both durable and safe to use, providing a stable surface for jumping and other high-impact exercises.

Vinyl: 680gms Rip Stop Vinyl.

Foams: High-density Australian Made shock-absorbing foam.

Stitching: All stitching is double stitched & a 20 gauge cotton thread is used.

Webbing: Seatbelt strength webbing box-stitched into place for reinforcement.

Handles: Grab handles for easy transport.

Zip: Reinforced No.8 tamper-proof zip.

Colours: Black with yellow, blue & red webbing.

Weight: 9 KG (19.8 LBS).

Dimensions: 20” x 24” x 30” ( 50.8cm x 60.96cm x 76.2cm).

VIP Sport Foam Plyometric Box Special/Unique Features:

  • Features 3 different jump heights all within the one foam plyobox.
  • Eliminates scraping injuries when jumping on or off the foam, as can occur when using the traditional steel plyoboxes.